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Variety is the Spice of Life! Mirrors, Mirrors, On the Wall!

XL Door Stained Glass Mirror

Variety Mirrors are Ubiquitous at Rare Finds Warehouse!

You’ll Find a Variety of Mirrors from Bejeweled and Shiny to Carved and Reclaimed Styles

Variety mirrors make a room look bigger, they reflect the light and make a space brighter, they are always a focal point on a wall and they always make you look!  They can make your room feel rustic or modern, industrial or full of old world charm.  A little girl’s favorite mirror is very different than an old timer’s.  We have a unique assortment that’s sure to please everyone at the front range’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

XL Door Stained Glass MirrorFancy Bejeweled Round Mirror

Variety Carved Round and Oval Metal MirrorsVariety Mirrors

The best mirrors are mirrors with purpose!

At Rare Finds we have mirrors that have been made from reclaimed and repurposed items like old doors and windows and cabinets.  One of the coolest features that a mirror can have is that it can be made with a purpose other than just being a simple mirror.  Choose from a candle-holder mirror, or an entry table mirror, or a clock mirror!  Carved, reclaimed, colorful, or rustic woods make a unique statement.  Metal and metallic looks do too!

Carved Arches Blue Wood Mirror

Old Door with Mirror and Candleholder CorbelCabinet with Mirror Entry TableOld Windows MirrorXL Round Mirror Clock

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes

Square, round, carved in beautiful shapes and angles, oval, rectangular and sometimes combinations of these.  Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of these reflective surfaces for any room.  When you add mirrors to the bathroom or the entry or the bedroom or even the garage, you’re adding style, design, color, texture as well as utility.  Mirrors add dimension and light like nothing else can.

Square and Round Carved Mirror

Square Wood Metal Mirror

Wood Pieces Square and Round Mirror

Silver Layered Squares Mirror