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Lamps Are More Than Just Lighting, They’re Stylish Decor!

Our Table Lamps Light Up the Whole Joint!

You’ll Find a Large Selection of Lamps from Animal Shapes and Bike Parts to Glass and Ceramics

Table Lamps not only add a spot of light where you need it, but they add ambiance, style and charm.  Lamps bring balance of light and design when they’re displayed in pairs and add uniqueness when they’re set on their own.  They can make your room feel rustic or modern, or industrial or charming.  Every room’s energy is made more distinct by the lamps it contains.  We have a unique assortment that’s sure to please everyone at the front range’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

The best table lamps are lamps with purpose!

At Rare Finds we have lamps that have 2 super powers:  they’re lighting AND they’re functional in another way.  Whether it’s a bluetooth lamp that has a built-in speaker or a lamp that has a clock built into its lamp shade, unique lamps can add value.

Table Lamps are made from all kinds of materials as well as shapes

Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of table lamps for any room.  You can pick from glass, metal, reclaimed scooters, ceramic, repurposed fans and molded resin. When you add lamps to the dining room, living room or the entry or the bedroom, you’re also adding style, design, color and texture.  Lamps add charm and light like nothing else can.