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3 Tips for Taking Care of Wood Furniture

When you’ve invested in quality wood furniture, you want to maintain it to maximize the appearance and life of the piece. It’s a good idea to always ask about the specific care and cleaning guidelines when purchasing new pieces or bringing an older piece into your Denver Coloraodo home.
We’ve collected 3 tips for taking care of your wood furniture, old or new! Read on :
Don’t Skimp on Dusting
Frequent dusting helps protect your furniture by removing the film of grime that builds upon and can scratch the surface. We recommend clean, dry, soft cloths for dusting your wood furniture.
When it’s been a little while since your last dusting, you may need to use a lightly dampened cloth to keep the dust from scattering. Microfiber cleaning cloths and other soft cloths, such as old t-shirts, can be used.
Clean Wood Surfaces
All-purpose cleaning sprays are not made for wood furniture. Sticky spots can be treated by dipping a soft cloth in mild soap and water, wringing out the excess to be slightly damp, and then wiping the dirty area. Rinse and dry the wood right away with another clean, dry, soft cloth.
You can also clean your furniture using oil polishes and furniture oils that protect wood by making the surface more slippery. Apply these with a soft cloth, and buff with a clean cloth.
Occasional Deep Cleaning
If your furniture has accumulated layers of grime, use an oil soap and water to deep clean. Rinse the surface and dry it well. To attack especially dirty areas, you can lightly clean using #0000 extra fine steel wool that has been dipped in your cleaning product.
Avoid using cleaners with any of the following ingredients, which can darken the wood and attract dust: boiled linseed oil, turpentine, or white vinegar.
When you’ve cleaned your wood furniture, you may wish to add paste wax or liquid wax to provide long-lasting protection and a hard finish. Paste wax finishes can last about two years. Liquid wax may need to be applied more often because it leaves a thinner coating. Apply wax by rubbing it into the surface with the wood grain. After it dries, buff it into a clear shine with a soft cloth.
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