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There are many areas of your home you will spend more time in than others. Your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom see the most activity over the course of your time living in your home. Therefore, you want the places you spend the most time to be enjoyable. Having the right furnishings, the right feel, look, and comfort are all important factors when decorating a space. In this article, we will talk about your dining areas, and how to get the most out of your dining room in particular. For tips on decorating this important area of your home, read on.
Lighting is an important element in a dining room. Since you will be doing anything from entertaining to paying bills, you need your lighting to be versatile. We recommend adjustable lighting for the dining room. This way you have the option to keep it bright or dim for different occasions. The actual lighting unit itself can be a statement or accent piece. Or, you can use it to complement your design aesthetic and look of the room. Rare Finds has many lighting options to choose from which can all be installed or upgraded with dimmers. Lighting at Rare Finds

New Chairs
Chairs are plentiful! Just about any style and type of chair can make a room look unique. It’s also a quick and simple way to upgrade the look of your dining room. No matter what type of table you have, you can dress it up with a wood bench, antique metal chair, or compilatory wood seating. Check out some of the seating options we have available in out warehouse. Chairs in our Warehouse

New Table
A new dining table is an investment. If you buy the right one, it will be enjoyed by your family for decades to come. Our warehouse has several dining table options that are the unique style you are looking for. From live edge to mango wood, walnut and reclaimed, or if you rather, get one of our very own custom tables in our warehouse.  You simply pick out the table top you like, then pick your stain or finish, and lastly, your table’s base. There’s nothing like having a one of a kind piece in your home that you love and that will last a lifetime. Custom Dining Tables