Doors Let Us In and Out, Even When They’re Wall Art!

XL Set of Drs

Wall Art Doors and Windows Are The Portals of Reality and Of Our Minds

Decorating with a door or a window wall art makes a space feel larger

Behind a closed door is the mystery of another space.  Doors come in all shapes and sizes and are made of a wide range of materials.  Doors as wall art have become popular not only for their decorative elements but because of the implications of the scene that used to live beyond them.  When you display a door, the type of door and its characteristics portray a mood, a vibe, an energy of what used to be and it evokes a response from anyone who happens upon it.  You’ll find a nice variety of doors and windows when you visit Denver furniture store, Rare Finds Warehouse.

unique architectural salvage doors at denver furniture store denver furniture store with unique home decor large architectural salve window with bars and wood shutters to open and close

Architectural Salvage is pretty cool

An old wooden door is very different than an old metal door.  When we see metal doors, we get a gothic feel and think of castles and large buildings.  Carved wooden doors evoke a more lavish and quaint setting.  Gates and windows tell a story too of the inner and outer worlds in front of them and behind.  Carved elements and metal accents on doors are what make them unique and pieces of art.  We carry all kinds of doors, windows, gates and architectural salvage at Rare Finds.

Arches, Squares, Rectangles, Bars and Carvings

Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of different architectural salvage.  You can make the pieces utilitarian and actually incorporate them into your build or they can be veneers and wall art.  Add texture and color and insinuations of other worlds when you hang an old door or window or set of gates.  The possibilities for artistic expression are endless.  Add an touch of old world flair to your room with any of the pieces that Rare Finds offers.

Architectural Salvage Doors architectural salvage wood doors with ornate carvings architectural salvage arch door