Drawers Are An Essential Component to Great Storage!

A Chest of Drawers or a Dresser Add Drawer Space

It’s the Shape and Size of a Drawer That Counts

Drawers are a must in most pieces of furniture, whether it’s an end table by the sofa or a couple of drawers at the bottom of a glass cabinet.  A sideboard in the dining room and a console table in the foyer are also a great place for the utility of a drawer or two.  But the best drawer keepers are a chest of drawers or a dresser.  These pieces offer up a great place to store a variety of different items all in one place.  In the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen or in the office, a series of drawers organize your stuff like nothing else.  You’ll find a nice variety of chests of drawers and dressers when you visit Denver’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

A Chest of Drawers is One Drawer After Another

An old map chest is perfect for art or even jewelry because it’s drawers are wide and shallow.  An end table with drawers is perfect as a night stand because you need a place to put all your reading gear.  In so many shapes and sizes, chest of drawers and dressers just don’t go out of style for all their utility.  We carry all kinds of furniture with drawers and storage at Rare Finds, you’re sure to make your room as organized as possible.

Multi-Drawer units offer so many options

Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of dressers and chest of drawers for any room.  The multi-drawer units are special and unique.  They’re perfect for an art room, for an office, a classroom or a hobby room.  Apothecaries and cataloguing cabinets abound with drawers.  When you have so many drawers, you can have the world’s largest sock collection ever!  Add a contemporary modern flair or a classic look to your space with any of the pieces that Rare Finds offers.

Tall Chest of Drawers