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Rare Finds Warehouse has one-of-a-kind furniture & home décor from around the World while consistently being ranked as one of the best furniture stores Denver!  Providing unique furniture options that you won’t see in other stores throughout Denver, our two stores provide a huge variety of rustic furniture, architectural salvage items, wall art and much more.

Rare Finds Warehouse is known for sourcing architectural salvage pieces from around the world including here in the United States, India, Thailand and Egypt. You’ll find a rich and rare array of architectural salvage items in one of our two Denver area showrooms.  Whether you want to create the perfect vignette for your photo collection, add some secret garden flair with iron gates, archways or columns- I’ve got just what is right! Make sure not miss out on all my deals either; as once many of these items are gone, you won’t see them again!

Denver Furniture Store: Rare Finds Warehouse

Furniture Store with an Abundance of Tables

The perfect table can provide an inviting space for family and friends. Whether it’s used as a dining room or play area, today’s tables are multifunctional pieces that do more than one thing – they make gatherings enjoyable! Whether you’re looking for a dining table that’s ready to seat four or one capable of holding more, we have the perfect option. Our solid wood furniture ranges from rustic and traditional designs with alluring antique finishes to modern-inspired styles in sleek black metal paired beautifully against natural stone tiles seamlessly integrated into their surface finish. You will have no problem finding the table you want at one of our two Denver furniture stores.

Live Edge

If you’re looking for furniture that will bring the WOW factor to your living space, a live edge table might just be what you need! Rare Finds Warehouse has such an extensive selection and really does offer something unique in every room. These types of pieces can also make any space come alive with their natural beauty as well as Colorado’s laid back feel!

Live Edge Tables at denver furniture store

End Tables

We have a diverse selection of side tables and end tables to give your living space the perfect finishing touch. With styles for both function as well as fashion, you’re guaranteed find something at our store!

End Stables for furniture stores denver

Console Tables

Our console and sofa tables have been carefully selected to complement a variety of decors. We offer simple pieces as well as statement-making designs made from reclaimed, rustic or industrial materials!

Console Tables

Coffee Tables

The perfect coffee table can be found in any room, and will bring a lot of joy to your living space. Whether you’re looking for oak or chestnut frames with color options galore; there is something out there that speaks directly to the way we want our homes life-work balance running smoothly! Check out our coffee tables here.

coffee tables at Rare Finds Warehouse in Denver, CO


We make it easier to work, study and play. Whether you’re looking for a traditional desk or something more modern in style – we’ve got the desk your office needs! We always have new desks coming in as well as the unique one-of-a-kind desks that are hard to find anywhere else.

Desks at Rare Finds Warehouse Denver furniture store

Seating for Your Home or Office at our Denver Furniture Store

Rare Finds Warehouse has seating options that is perfect for any room in your house. If you’re looking for furniture that will both serve your family well and beautify the home, then Rare Finds Warehouse is just what every homeowner needs. From practical or whimsical benches to classic living room pieces such as armchairs and sofas in luxurious leathers with family friendly fabrics; no matter which style suits you best-there are plenty of dining chairs, side chairs and other essentials too!

Seating Furniture Options at Rare Finds Warehouse

Side Chairs

Side chairs are a mainstay of good design and we have the variety you need to add flexible seating to any space in your home. You’ll find many materials with which to choose, like wood or metal for industrial looks that will work well with most styles!

Side Chairs at furniture store in Denver, CO

Dining Chairs

When it comes to dining chairs, the options are endless. You can choose between metal or wood; upholstery and leather for your seat of choice (or all three!). And don’t forget about stools! All these styles work with any table top so there’s no wrong answer here – just find what works best in your space today.

Dining Chairs


Today’s open kitchen concepts call for a variety of stools, and we have the perfect one to suit every family member. With our fun but functional choices you can sit back in style without sacrificing comfort!

stools for home


Barstools are an easy way to add color and character into any room. One of the greatest features about them? The ability for you, as their owner or occupant; choose exactly where they’ll stand in all three dimensions (height plus width). For example: metal stools can match with just about anything while leather is perfect when paired up against more formal furniture like desks chairs – even couches work well! You’ll find that our selection has many combinations so no matter how unique your décor might.

barstools at Rare Finds Warehouse


Benches add character and life to any space. Our eclectic selection of benches will suit your style, from traditional styles with backs or arms that offer storage options for all sorts of things you use on a daily basis!

wood benches

Arm Chairs

We have a unique selection of arm chairs you rarely find at other furniture stores. Whether it be for your living space or as something cozy to take up one corner, we’ve got the perfect match! Choose from rich leathers and fabrics that will fit right into any décor style – from traditional elegance all way down through modern chicness too.

Arm chairs

Sofas & Couches

When you are looking for a new sofa, couches or sectionals, it is important to know that there are many different options available. From traditional leathers and upholstery styles all the way through modern contemporary models with colorful textiles as accents; we have something perfect for any room in your home!


Furniture Stores Denver with Large Selection of Furniture

The first thing you’ll notice on a trip to Rare Finds Warehouse is the amazing choices to be had among our furniture selections for your living room, dining room and beyond. Why settle when there’s so much variety? We have rustic pieces that are perfect in any home from classic yet trendy vintage finds or modern industrial design styles all designed with today’s lifestyles in mind while still being able keep up appearances should guests come over! With two Denver locations around town we’re here whenever life gets too busy because who wants an empty house anyway?