Motorbike Furniture as Bars, Consoles, Racks and More!

VW Bus Bar Blue

Repurposed Motorcycle, Dirt bike, VW Bus or a Tractor Make Fun Accent Pieces!

Come In to Find A One of a Kind Selection of These Show Stoppers

Rare Finds uniquely carries statement pieces for the mancave or for the guy who’s just an auto aficionado.  Whether it’s a motorcycle that’s been turned into a wine bar or shelf, or a bar made in the image of a VW van, these are industrial works of art!  Most pieces include genuine auto parts and they’re made functional with racks, bottle holders, table tops and cool lights!  The bright colors and the combination of metal and wood and the functionality of these pieces are sure to please.  Motorbike Furniture.

Motorbike Console Bar Tractor Wall Shelving Tractor Console Table Tata Bar Black

Wine Bars and Wine Holders That Show Off Your Adventurous Side!

Give your wine glasses a special cabinet.  Add additional storage with a mechanical theme.  Motorbike furniture can be accents to your decor or they can make a unique statement.  These pieces can feel industrial and rebellious or modern and cool.  We have a unique assortment of motorbike furniture that’s sure to please everyone at the front range’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

Motorbike Cabinet Vehicle Furniture VW Bus Bar Red Dirt Bike Bar Table Wine Bar Moped Console

Vehicle Furniture Is A Thing

Whether it’s an oxcart that has been turned into a shelf or a bar in the shape of the hull of a boat, vehicle furniture is a way to repurpose and design cool fun accent pieces that are conversation starters.   And making the headlights work is a bonus!  We’ve even got a table lamp made from the front of a vespa! Rare Finds is the perfect place to find something that’s this kind of unique!

Boat Bar Ox Cart Shelf Vespa Table Lamp Motorcycle Wine Bar