Rustic Is A Many-Splendored Thing!

rope mirror and cowboy

Rustic Pieces Are Country Charming

Adding a piece of rustic furniture or art adds farmhouse flair

Rustic means country living, a rural atmosphere, the less refined characteristics on display.  When you add rustic elements, like worn paint, cracked wood, images from the country landscape and old fashioned styling and design, you are adding farmhouse allure.  Even in a sleek modern apartment, the addition of a rustic item adds warmth, charm and a sense of “home”.  Whether it’s a cabinet or a piece of wall art, you’ll find a nice variety of rustic decor when you visit Denver’s furniture store, Rare Finds Warehouse.

Worn, Torn, Used and Abused, We Like It!

Rustic is a quality.  It can be weathered, faded, splintered, dulled, bent, aged, or broken.  It can be attributed to wood, glass, metal, canvas, or paper.  It is also a characteristic of time.  It is the opposite of modern, urban and posh.  It represents yesterday, what has been and reveals the path of the passage of time.  To appreciate the rustic is to revere more in some way the faded beauty of a thing.  We carry all manner of rustic items at Rare Finds Warehouse.


The Old World Is Never Far Away

Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of different types of rustic items.  We have chest of drawers, buckets, bowls, mirrors, windows, doors, sideboards, lamps, candleholders, end tables, nightstands, art and unique pieces.  Uniqueness is an essential characteristic of a rustic item.  There is no such thing as an item that has weathered the same way as another.  To buy rustic, is to buy a one of a kind.  Add your own artistic expression by choosing a rustic item from Rare Finds to fit your space.