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How to Get the Most out of Minimal Design

If you’re new to the minimal design trend, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the scale of work to get to the minimal look. Achieving minimal design takes time and experimentation, so settle in and enjoy the journey. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of minimal design and living:
Simple Color Palette
By keeping colors neutral, you create a clean backdrop to whatever else you put in the room. A light-colored neutral—such as white, light gray, greige, or whatever neutral trend strikes your fancy—can help the room feel more spacious. Color can add interest, but if you’re targeting minimal design, you will want to use colors within the same family or two colors applied sparingly. If you decide you want a different accent color later, it’s easily changed.
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Clean Lines
Minimal design is best achieved by choosing simple shapes and straight lines for furniture, décor or patterns. Clean lines allow the eyes to travel the room without distracting details.
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Texture and Natural Elements
When you apply a neutral color palette to a room, adding a variety of textures keeps your space from feeling too industrial or clinical. Wood accents help warm up your space, contribute to the texture, and add a bit of color while keeping within your minimal design.
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Function, Function, Function
To make minimal design work for you in a way that is sustainable, your selections need to be purposeful and functional. Choose furniture pieces that have multiple functions, such as an ottoman or bench with hidden storage, or an entryway table with drawers for storing your keys/wallet/sunglasses out of sight.
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A pretty basket can hold those “not clean enough to put away, but not dirty enough to wash” clothes, adding an interesting feature and providing a place to hide store things without cluttering the space. Make use of drawer and shelf organizers to keep your things neat and visible in your dressers and closets.
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