The Best In Support Furniture! End Tables Are A Must Have!

Wood and Gold Frame End Table

Our End Tables Come in the Side and Occasional Styles!

You’ll Find a Large Selection of End Tables from Rustic to Modern

End Tables not only add a table surface where you need it, but they can add closed and open storage.  They can be accents to your decor theme or they can make a unique statement.  Side tables pair with lamps and coffee tables and make your room feel rustic or modern, or industrial or charming.  We have a unique assortment that’s sure to please everyone at the front range’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

Side Tables Can Be Both Tables and Cabinets!

Rare Finds carries an assortment of side tables for any room.  The bedroom, living room, entrance, and office are great spaces for the convenience and storage that end tables offer.  Pick from tall and pedestal-like side tables to short and cabinet-like tables.  You can go simple and minimal with a stand or get storage value with shelves and doors and drawers.

Nightstands Come In This Shape and That

Nightstands are another form of small table that offer storage and style in a supportive capacity!  Next to your bed, where you need a light, a place to put your book, your glasses, and your drink, a nightstand is a necessity!  Rare Finds is the perfect place to find something unique from reclaimed and repurposed to modern and industrial.