Exploring India with Tony from Rare Finds Warehouse

A Journey Through India’s Artisanal Heritage 

Join Tony, co-owner of Rare Finds Warehouse, on his vibrant journeys through India, a land steeped in rich traditions and skilled craftsmanship. India’s diverse regions each offer unique contributions to the world of furniture and decor. 

Northern India: The Land of Intricate Carvings and Solid Woods In the bustling markets and quiet villages of Northern India, Tony discovers furniture that showcases the region’s expertise in intricate carvings and solid wood construction. From ornate Rajasthani cabinets to robust Sheesham wood tables, each piece reflects the area’s history and artistry. 

Southern India: A Blend of Colonial and Indigenous Styles Southern India tells a different story, where colonial influences blend seamlessly with indigenous designs. Here, Tony finds a mix of rosewood and teak furniture, often adorned with inlays and detailed fretwork, a testament to the region’s colonial past and rich natural resources. 

Eastern India: Bamboo and Rattan Craftsmanship The eastern states, with their lush landscapes, contribute uniquely through bamboo and rattan furniture. Tony’s selection from this region includes lightweight yet durable pieces, perfect for adding a natural and airy feel to any space. 

Western India: Vibrant Colors and Textiles In Western India, Tony is captivated by the use of vibrant colors and textiles, integral to the local furniture. From upholstered armchairs in vivid hues to intricately painted side tables, each piece is a celebration of the region’s love for color and pattern. 

A Commitment to Sustainability and Fair Trade Throughout his travels in India, Tony is committed to sourcing sustainably and ensuring fair trade practices. By working directly with local artisans, Rare Finds Warehouse not only brings authentic Indian craftsmanship to your home but also supports the communities that create these beautiful pieces. 

Experience India through Tony’s Eyes Visit our India page to explore a gallery of Tony’s travels and the remarkable furniture pieces he has handpicked for Rare Finds Warehouse. Each item tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and the beauty of India’s artisanal heritage.