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Rare Finds Warehouse: Where Every Furniture Tells a Story

Have you ever desired a home that stands out? That goes beyond the everyday and delves into the extraordinary? Welcome to Rare Finds Warehouse – Colorado’s best-kept secret since 2010.

What Makes Us Different? Unlike every other store you’ve browsed, our handpicked collection is sourced from the world’s most intriguing nooks. From the historic alleyways of Asia to the vibrant markets of Africa, our pieces aren’t just furniture. They are stories waiting to be told in your living space.

Why Should You Care? The home you’ve always envisioned is just a visit away. And with our unique mix, we guarantee you won’t find our items in your neighbor’s living room or that mundane big-box store down the street.

Want Customization? We’ve Got You Covered. Our Custom Shop isn’t just a service; it’s a promise. A promise to transform your vision into a reality. Collaborate with the best artists and builders in Colorado, and craft furniture that’s uniquely you.

The Clock is Ticking! Our collections, sourced from places like India, Indonesia, and Thailand, are in constant flux. Visit us now, or you might miss out on that perfect piece that completes your home.

2 Prime Locations, Infinite Possibilities. Denver or Highlands Ranch – choose your treasure hunting ground. Dive deep into our collections before someone else claims your prize.

Hand-picked, Custom-built
Home Furnishings From Around The World
Rustic • Reclaimed • Vintage • Industrial

Dining Room Tables, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Desks, Pub Tables & more


Dining Chairs, Stools, Barstools, Sofas, Side Chairs & Benches


Cabinets, Buffets, Consoles, Nightstands, Chests, Storage, Dressers, & Shelves


Containers, Candleholders, Décor, Yard Art, Textiles, Coat Racks & Hooks


Wall Art, Clocks, Mirrors, Doors, Gates, Windows, Coat Racks & Hooks


Table & Desk Lamps, Chandeliers, Sconces, Floor Lamps, Edison Bulbs

Read some of our client’s awesome experiences…
I have had the pleasure of visiting both locations. This is the absolute best place to get unique and curated finds from around the world. I also got to meet the owner who was very friendly and took the time to tell me about the various places he travels to find the items. The staff in both locations were so helpful and friendly and graciously helped me bring the heavy items to my car. Also, the price is fantastic for the quality and vintage nature of the items. I will be shopping here for many years to come for pieces for my home and gifts for friends and family. I cannot say enough about this place. Wish I could give them six out of five stars!
Melissa W.
Central, Denver, CO
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Rare Finds has a continuous flow of Architectural Salvage from around the world. Our ever-changing collection includes old doors and windows from Denver; hand hewn beam fireplace mantels, antique iron gates and French inspired doorways from Egypt; columns, corbels, ornate doors and windows from India made from teak and ironwood. We reclaim and incorporate architectural salvage elements into many of our furniture pieces making them truly unique. Our ever-changing Architectural Salvage collection includes: Furniture, Iron Gates, Egyptian Iron Doors, Windows, Lintels, Archways, Beams, Pillars, Capitals, Corbels, Shutters, Columns and more!
Collaborating with artisans and skilled craftsmen from Colorado to remote villages in India, Rare Finds Warehouse has created a beautiful collection of hand made one of a kind furniture and décor from around the world. We seek out found objects, reclaimed architectural elements, aged wood and rustic iron for their patina, texture and color making sure that every piece tells a story. Whether you are searching for an entertainment center, a dining table, lighting, tabletop accessory or wall art, you will find your one of a kind piece at Rare Finds Warehouse. Our ever-changing, one of a kind collection includes: Furniture such as Seating, Tables and Storage; Décor, Wall Art; Architectural Elements; and Lighting.

At Rare Finds Warehouse, our journey in curating a unique collection takes us across the globe. We meticulously handpick each piece of furniture and reclaimed material from a variety of rich cultures and historical periods. Our destinations include the vibrant markets of India, the artisanal hubs of Thailand, the craft-rich regions of Indonesia, the cultural heartlands of Vietnam, the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, and the ancient towns of China. Each item in our store tells a story, reflecting the heritage and craftsmanship of these diverse countries. Discover a world of extraordinary finds as we bring these global treasures directly to our stores.

We are proud to be a locally owned Colorado business and we encourage you to visit the Warehouse often. We are your best choice of Denver furniture stores. With fresh picks and new containers arriving, there’s always something to uncover, discover and make your own. A visit to our warehouse is always a new experience. We look forward to seeing you soon!

6500 E 44th Ave. Unit A
Hours: Open Daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm 

8575 S Quebec St., Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
Hours: Open Thurs-Mon 10:00 am – 6:00pm | Closed Tue-Wed

Discovering China's Artisanal Legacy with Tony at Rare Finds Warehouse

Tony’s Exploration of Chinese Craftsmanship 

Join Tony, the co-owner of Rare Finds Warehouse, on his journey through the vast and diverse landscapes of China, a country with a rich history in artisanal craftsmanship. China’s long-standing traditions in furniture making offer an intriguing blend of ancient techniques and modern designs. 

Beijing: Imperial Elegance and Ming Dynasty Styles In the historic city of Beijing, Tony delves into the world of classical Chinese furniture. He discovers pieces that reflect the elegance of the Ming Dynasty, known for their simplicity, graceful lines, and exquisite lacquer work. From traditional screens to elegant horseshoe chairs, each item embodies the refined aesthetics of imperial China. 

Shanghai: Fusion of East and West Shanghai, with its cosmopolitan flair, presents a fusion of Eastern and Western design elements. Here, Tony finds furniture that combines traditional Chinese craftsmanship with contemporary styles, creating pieces that are both chic and culturally rich. Shanghai is particularly noted for its beautifully crafted rosewood furniture and intricate mother-of-pearl inlays.

Tony's Thai Treasures at Rare Finds Warehouse

Embark on a Thai Adventure with Tony 

Join Tony, the passionate co-owner of Rare Finds Warehouse, as he navigates the rich cultural landscape of Thailand. Known for its deep-rooted artisan traditions and exquisite craftsmanship, Thailand offers a unique array of furniture and decor. 

Northern Thailand: The Hub of Handcrafted Teak In the lush regions of Northern Thailand, Tony uncovers the beauty of handcrafted teak furniture. Renowned for its durability and elegant grain, teak is a staple in Thai craftsmanship. From majestic carved doors to sleek, contemporary tables, these pieces are timeless and robust, reflecting the region’s connection to nature and history. 

Central Thailand: A Blend of Traditional and Modern Aesthetics The central plains, including the vibrant city of Bangkok, present a fusion of traditional and modern design. Here, Tony finds artisans who skillfully blend Thai motifs with contemporary lines, creating furniture that is both functional and artistically appealing. This region is particularly known for its intricate rattan and bamboo work, offering pieces that are both lightweight and stylish. 

Indonesian Artisanal Wonders with Tony at Rare Finds Warehouse

Tony’s Indonesian Odyssey 

Accompany Tony, co-owner of Rare Finds Warehouse, as he explores the enchanting archipelago of Indonesia. Known for its rich cultural diversity and skilled artisans, Indonesia offers an extraordinary variety of furniture and decor. 

Bali: Island of Artistic Mastery In Bali, Tony discovers a world where artistic expression is a way of life. Balinese furniture is renowned for its intricate wood carvings and detailed craftsmanship. From ornate four-poster beds to delicately carved wall panels, each piece Tony selects embodies the spiritual and artistic heritage of this magical island. 

Java: Traditional Techniques Meet Contemporary Design Java, the heart of Indonesia’s furniture industry, presents a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary design. Here, Tony finds a range of furniture that showcases Javanese expertise in woodworking, particularly with teak and mahogany. The furniture pieces, ranging from robust dining tables to elegant display cabinets, are known for their durability and timeless appeal.

Vietnamese Craftsmanship through Tony's Eyes at Rare Finds Warehouse

Tony’s Voyage through Vietnam’s Artisanal Landscape 

Join Tony, the co-owner of Rare Finds Warehouse, as he traverses the vibrant and culturally rich country of Vietnam. Known for its intricate craftsmanship and unique designs, Vietnam offers a fascinating array of furniture and decor. 

Hanoi: A Blend of French Colonial and Traditional Vietnamese Styles In the historic city of Hanoi, Tony uncovers furniture that beautifully blends French colonial elegance with traditional Vietnamese motifs. From lacquered cabinets to bamboo screens, each piece reflects the city’s rich history and artistic legacy. 

Ho Chi Minh City: Contemporary Designs with a Vietnamese Twist In the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Tony discovers a more contemporary side of Vietnamese furniture. Here, artisans skillfully combine modern design elements with traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship, resulting in pieces that are both stylish and deeply rooted in cultural heritage. 

Costa Rican Artisanal Treasures at Rare Finds Warehouse

Tony’s Costa Rican Craftsmanship Expedition 

Embark on a journey with Tony, co-owner of Rare Finds Warehouse, as he explores the lush landscapes and artisanal traditions of Costa Rica. Known for its rich biodiversity and creative artisans, Costa Rica offers a unique array of furniture and decor that reflects its natural beauty. 

San José: Urban Artistry and Sustainable Innovation In the vibrant capital of San José, Tony discovers a fusion of urban artistry and sustainable innovation. Costa Rican artisans in this region are known for their skill in creating furniture from reclaimed wood and environmentally friendly materials, offering pieces that are both modern and mindful of nature’s resources. 

Guanacaste: Rustic Elegance and Tropical Hardwoods The province of Guanacaste, with its dry tropical forests, is a source of inspiration for furniture that exudes rustic elegance. Here, Tony finds pieces crafted from local tropical hardwoods, known for their durability and rich textures. From sturdy dining tables to elegant canopy beds, each piece showcases the natural beauty of Costa Rican woods.

Exploring India with Tony from Rare Finds Warehouse

A Journey Through India’s Artisanal Heritage 

Join Tony, co-owner of Rare Finds Warehouse, on his vibrant journeys through India, a land steeped in rich traditions and skilled craftsmanship. India’s diverse regions each offer unique contributions to the world of furniture and decor. 

Northern India: The Land of Intricate Carvings and Solid Woods In the bustling markets and quiet villages of Northern India, Tony discovers furniture that showcases the region’s expertise in intricate carvings and solid wood construction. From ornate Rajasthani cabinets to robust Sheesham wood tables, each piece reflects the area’s history and artistry. 

Southern India: A Blend of Colonial and Indigenous Styles Southern India tells a different story, where colonial influences blend seamlessly with indigenous designs. Here, Tony finds a mix of rosewood and teak furniture, often adorned with inlays and detailed fretwork, a testament to the region’s colonial past and rich natural resources.