Live Edge Tables
Live Edge Tables
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Live Edge Tables

Liven up Your Home With a Gorgeous Live Edge Table

If you’re looking for furniture that will bring the WOW factor to your living space, a live edge table might be the choice for you. Rare Finds Warehouse has a large selection of these types of tables you will love in your home, and really bring out the Colorado feel!

Live edge tables have existed since people began making furniture. They were a cost and time effective way to build functional, sturdy furniture that would last a lifetime. Settlers turned the raw wood slabs into tables, chairs, and beds while building their homesteads.

What are Live Edge Tables?

Live edge is a term used to describe the natural edges left on at least one side of a piece or wood. The result is furniture with an organic feel, and the beauty that comes from knots and cracks in any given tree’s growth pattern are often preserved. This brings our backyard indoors without sacrificing quality or utility!

Live edge tables are handcrafted by woodworkers who have dedicated years to the craft. The table is cut, sanded, and finished on-site at your location with an artisan’s touch that sets it apart from any other product in the market for a truly one of a kind experience.

Incorporating live edges into your dining room furniture helps you bring out the best in rustic modern styles while saving money on expensive materials like marble or granite countertops that can chip over time from daily use!

Will a live edge table fit in with your decor?

Live edge tables are a timeless addition to any home. From rustic country homes, to modern minimalist spaces live-edge furniture will complement the décor and add life with their natural flow of movement that is often missing from straight lines and sharp corners in other pieces. Wood conveys warmth which adds comfort into your surroundings while simultaneously feeling like an older piece of history carved out for you personally.

Live edge furniture is becoming increasingly popular in both home and commercial settings. Check out what your favorite interior designers have been up to, because you’ll likely spot pieces of natural wood furniture!

What to Look for in a Live Edge Table

It can be quite formidable deciding between the various cuts, traits and features of works-of-art, after you have made the decision to purchase one.

Below are some of the more commonly seen features you’ll find.


A wooden slab is cut from the tree and has a live edge on both sides. This type of corner piece is most commonly seen in coffee tables or dining room furniture.


Wood slices are cuts horizontally from the trunk, which leaves them with an all-around live edge that beautifully displays growth rings and grain patterns to their best advantage. These types of pieces can be found as side tables for your living space!


Burl is one of the most expensive woods, because it often has a unique and gorgeous grain pattern. Some trees have an outgrowth as result to deformity called burls. Once harvested for their wood, they are now sought after by furniture makers who want this type of rare but beautiful piece in their work.

Burls (or bumps) can also be found on living tree trunks or root systems that grow around rocks near rivers where water currents bring nutrients like calcium carbonate upstream from lower tributaries. To create these protective structures during early stages of growths when roots cannot reach down into bedrock cracks. Buried away inside dirt & clay soils over years with no oxygen resulting in them reaching enormous sizes.

What Else Can Be Made with Live Edge Wood?

Live edge wood is a trend that has not slowed down in the past few years. With its natural imperfections, live edge tables are an easy way to add personality and character into your home’s decor without breaking the bank!

Wall art with this same feature provides visual interest for any room in need of some decoration. It doesn’t stop there; headboards, side tables, and chairs are made out of these types of wood. It will also make it easier on you if you have small kids or pets who like to climb up onto furniture more often than they should be allowed too without worrying about damaging it!