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Give a new look to your kitchen by placing a mirror behind the stove. You could also place one on the front side of the cabinets.

Designing with Mirrors: Make Your Space Look Bigger, Brighter and more Beautiful!

Mirrors are more versatile than we actually give them credit for. Apart from being an essential asset for checking our appearance, they can radically change a room and add style and character to any space. When used in a creative manner, mirrors can create illusions that endow a narrow place with more space and make it seem bigger. They can also turn a dark and drab room into a brighter more inviting place. However, the problem many homeowners face is where to put a mirror and how to make it blend into their own personal design aesthetic. In this month’s blog post, we will look at some of the ways in which mirrors can enhance your space. We will also give you tips on how to find one that compliments your personal style.
Mirrors in Your Kitchen
Give a new look to your kitchen by placing a mirror behind the stove. You could also place one on the front side of the cabinets. Since the area behind the stove tends to be darker, a mirror will reflect a lot of light and also give the illusion of more space.
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Place Several Mirrors Together
Instead of investing in a huge wall sized mirror, invest in small sized mirrors. Paint the frames of all the mirrors with the same color and place them together on the wall. They will give an organized look and will not give a feeling of cluttered mirrors.
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Hang Mirrors in Your Dining Room
Place a big mirror right next to your dining table. You can easily make use of soft lighting in the dining room as the mirror will keep the entire area bright and light. It will give a sense of more space and openness in your dining area.
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Hang Mirrors on 2 Different Walls
To increase the feeling of space, try playing with multiple reflections by placing mirrors on the adjacent two walls. This will create more reflection and will give a feeling of grandeur and elegance to the entire space.
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Don’t be Afraid to Experiment
Don’t hesitate to experiment with mirrors. Anything you do with them will give a sense of more space to your home. To get more ideas on mirrors, see some of the mirrors we have in our warehouse. RareFinds Warehouse can help you find the perfect mirror you are looking for in any space.