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We carry supportive chairs in leather, fabric upholstery, wood, metal and combinations therein. These chairs make great occasional chairs, side chairs, dining chairs and lounge chairs.

Aviator Metal and Black Leather Arm Chair

Aviator Metal and Black Leather Arm Chair

Aviation Theme Arm Chair

This chair has a quilted center.  Riveted sheet metal give it the airplane look.  Compact seating for your mancave. For other available arm chairs click here.

Aviator Metal and Black Leather Arm Chair

Custom Conference Table

This time Complete Kitchens & More teamed up with one of our favorite store, Rare Finds Warehouse of Denver, to build this one-of-a-kind custom conference table.

We were commissioned to build the table top while Rare Finds is adding the metal iron work.  Today it left the Complete Kitchens millshop and is headed back to Rare Finds where it will receive the custom table base before it heads to its final destination.We can only imagine the kind of business deals that will be made across the beautiful piece of wood…  or as our office manager refers to it, “that’s one big hunk of tree”. See more pictures here.

Romero Chest of Drawers

Rustic Looking Romero Chest of Drawers

Rustic Dresser

This chest of drawers is perfect for your bedroom, crafts room, dining room or living room.

Romero Chest of Drawers

Designing with Mirrors: Make Your Space Look Bigger, Brighter and more Beautiful!

Mirrors are more versatile than we actually give them credit for. Apart from being an essential asset for checking our appearance, they can radically change a room and add style and character to any space. When used in a creative manner, mirrors can create illusions that endow a narrow place with more space and make it seem bigger. They can also turn a dark and drab room into a brighter more inviting place. However, the problem many homeowners face is where to put a mirror and how to make it blend into their own personal design aesthetic. In this month’s blog post, we will look at some of the ways in which mirrors can enhance your space. We will also give you tips on how to find one that compliments your personal style.
Mirrors in Your Kitchen
Give a new look to your kitchen by placing a mirror behind the stove. You could also place one on the front side of the cabinets. Since the area behind the stove tends to be darker, a mirror will reflect a lot of light and also give the illusion of more space.
Jet Engine Part Round Mirror A Denver Furniture Store
Place Several Mirrors Together
Instead of investing in a huge wall sized mirror, invest in small sized mirrors. Paint the frames of all the mirrors with the same color and place them together on the wall. They will give an organized look and will not give a feeling of cluttered mirrors.
Dearborn Metal Mesh Mirror Denver Furniture Store
Hang Mirrors in Your Dining Room
Place a big mirror right next to your dining table. You can easily make use of soft lighting in the dining room as the mirror will keep the entire area bright and light. It will give a sense of more space and openness in your dining area.
Reclaimed Metal and Wood Rectangular Mirror Denver Furniture Store
Hang Mirrors on 2 Different Walls
To increase the feeling of space, try playing with multiple reflections by placing mirrors on the adjacent two walls. This will create more reflection and will give a feeling of grandeur and elegance to the entire space.
24x36 Barnwood Frame Mirror Denver Furniture Store
Don’t be Afraid to Experiment
Don’t hesitate to experiment with mirrors. Anything you do with them will give a sense of more space to your home. To get more ideas on mirrors, see some of the mirrors we have in our warehouse. RareFinds Warehouse can help you find the perfect mirror you are looking for in any space.

Layered Crystal Chandelier

Chandelier with Layered Crystal

Classic Crystal Chandelier

This lamp features a variety of crystal shapes.  A large glass ball hangs from the base. Check out more of our chandeliers currently available.

Layered Crystal Chandelier Denver Furniture Store

Layered Crystal Chandelier

Repurposed Aviator Plane Bar with Wings

Repurposed Bar Made from Aviator Plane Wings

Sheet Metal Plane Bar 

This shiny bar is awesome!  Perfect for parties and for the aviator in your life.  Rolls around on wheels. Check out this repurposed Rickshaw made into a bar.

Aviator Plane with Wings Bar Shelves Denver Furniture Store

Aviator Plane with Wings Bar Shelves

Antique Wooden Wheel on Stand

Stand with Antique Wooden Wheel

Antique Cart Wheel

This old wheel has a metal rim.  Each one is unique.  Sits on a metal stand like art. Check out other available decor here.

Antique Wooden Wheel on Stand

Denver Furniture Store – Reclaimed Paint Can Metal Round Mirror

Colorful Studded Mirror

This mirror is made from repurposed printed metal.  Perfect in your entrance, hallway or bathroom.  Adds industrial flair to your space.  Perfect for your mancave.

Reclaimed Paint Can Metal Round Mirror Denver Furniture Store

Reclaimed Paint Can Metal Round Mirror

Vintage Armoire with Repurposed Doors

Repurposed Doors for Vintage Armoire

Reclaimed Doors Cabinet with Ornate Iron Grate

This cabinet is made with a set of repurposed doors.  It features ornate iron in the windows.  Carved panels adorn the base.

Old Armoire Doors with Bar

Cathedral Doors Chimney Cabinet

Chimney Cabinet with Cathedral Style Glass Doors

This cabinet features 2 glass doors.  A very beautiful cabinet with glass sides.  Display your treasures in this tall and narrow cabinet. Perfect for small spaces.  See more of our cabinets here.

Cabinet Cathedral Doors Upright Cabinet

Cabinet Cathedral Doors Upright Cabinet

Cathedral Style Door Chimney Cabinet

6 Bottle Cedar Wine Holder

Counter Wine Bottle Holder

This 6 bottle holder is made from a cedar trunk.  It makes your wine bottles handy for everyday use or at a party.  It’s also easily mobile. Check out other home accessories.

6 Bottle Cedar Wine Holder Denver Furniture Store

6 Bottle Cedar Wine Holder

Wooden Cannon with Metal Accents

Unique Wooden Cannon with Metal Accents

Wooden Cannon with Metal Accents
Wooden Cannon with Metal Accents

Decorative Cannon

This wooden reproduction cannon is sure to be a conversation starter.  Great in a mancave, garden or entrance.   The wheels give it great mobility.  And the metal accents give it charm. Here is another wooden cannon we have had in our store.

How to get your Entryway to make a Statement

Crystal XL Wall Sconce Denver Furniture Store

Great Entryway Decor Pieces to Add to Your Home

Ah yes, the beloved (or dreaded) entryway. It is the first thing people notice upon entering your home. Surprisingly, many homeowners overlook this important space. Your entryway is the welcome platform to your home. How do you want visitors to feel when you open the front door? The entryway is an opportunity for you to make your home feel the way you intended. Do you want your guests to feel comfortable? Welcome? Invited? Perhaps it’s a combination of any of these. If you are having a hard time visualizing the direction of your entryway, read our tips below and find out how you can make a statement in your entryway.

Console Tables

Console tables are a great compliment to any entryway. There are many shapes, sizes, styles and other features that make having a console table possible in any space. One great thing about a console table is you can decorate it in your personal style. Perhaps you have a vintage jug collection or rare photographs from a trip you took 10 years ago. This is a great way to showcase not only yourself but your most treasured items. No matter the size of your space, Rare Finds has a number of console tables and cabinet options to fit your style and space limits.

Ogden Sliding Door Sideboard Denver Furniture Store

Ogden Sliding Door Sideboard


Showcase a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are great because you don’t necessarily have to display images of your family. You can literally make a gallery wall out of anything. From old clocks to vintage picture frames, hanging shelves or even odd items like deer antlers. Make it even cozier by putting a bench in your entryway, or some tall plants. Rare Finds has some of the best knick-knacks to create a gallery wall in your entryway. Check out some of our best gallery wall finds.

3 Faces Gears Wall Accents Clock Denver Furniture Store

3 Faces Gears Wall Clock


Dramatic Lighting

Nothing makes a statement like a beautiful chandelier in a cozy, warm space. You can do a ton with lighting. With so many options out there, it’s easy to find a piece that packs a punch. You can go for minimal or quaint, understated or bold. With the right style of lighting, you can make your style stand out. Rare Finds as an assortment of chandeliers that bring life and style to any space. Look at some of the things we have in stock at our warehouse.

Crystal XL Wall Sconce Denver Furniture Store

Crystal XL Wall Sconce

We get new containers monthly and oftentimes, weekly! Call or stop into Rare Finds and find your rare and unique piece for your entryway.

Replica Jeep Grill with Headlights Accent Table

Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table with Lights Denver Furniture Store

Unique Home Accent Table Made from Replica Jeep Grill with Headlamps

This Jeep replica accent table features working Headlights!  It makes a great table or bar for your mancave or covered deck.
Inside the table is a shelf creating two storage levels for your items.

Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table Furniture Stores Denver

Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table


Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table with Lights Denver Furniture Store

Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table with Lights

Decorating with Accents, without Overdoing it

Adding Accents to Your Home Decorations without Overdoing it

Your Denver CO home is the place to express yourself and your design aesthetic. That said, you want your home to reflect your own personal taste and style. The items you use to decorate your Denver CO home give it a feeling of personality, however, decorating with your favorite items can quickly turn into a cluttered mess. Without proper planning and vision, your décor can end up looking scattered, unkempt and disorganized.
To learn more about decorating your Denver CO home with accents, without over doing it, check out these simple tips.

Using Framed Prints or Posters

When considering artwork in a space, use prints that complement the color scheme of the room. If you have a fairly neutral palette, you can go bold, bringing more color into the room. Already have bold furnishings or bold colors? Lighten up your walls to create the feeling of more space. You can do this using more neutral tones or black and white prints. Rare Finds has a number of different accent prints and posters to decorate your space. Many of them are one of a kind. Check out some of our wall art accessories here.

Framed Artwork of World Map in Glass Case

Wall Art Framed World Map Behind Glass

Decorating with Knick-Knacks

The best advice we have here is, less is more. Better yet, stick with using smaller items that reflect the overall look and feel of the room. For example, if you have a rustic hallway table, pair it with a small stack of vintage books, a similar table lamp, and maybe some candle holders or a decorative statue. It doesn’t take much to liven up a space, but overdoing it on the small accessories will give you a feeling of cluttered and crowded very quickly. If you have been to our warehouse, you know we have many items that will reflect your style and taste if you need to liven it up or redecorate. Check some of our items out here: https://rare-finds.com/product-category/accessories/

Accent Furniture Table
Mixing Patterns and Solids

Accents in a room have a big impact. When you are thinking about the overall feel you want to create, it’s good to have items that stand out and create balance, rather than chaos. Using small items that are the same color or shades of the same color, can help tie the room together visually.

Wall Decor Home Furniture Accessories

Why you should update your light fixtures this Spring

For many Denver homeowners, upgrading their light fixtures isn’t at the top of the list. While you likely have other projects planned for your home, light fixtures don’t take the highest priority. However, the lighting in your home does more than just provide a superficial light source once the sun has gone down. Lighting creates a feeling of warmth, comfort, and style. By upgrading the fixtures in your home, you give it an instant boost to its overall look and feel. Not to mention, a cost-effective way to upgrade your home.
Read on to discover why Spring is the perfect time to update the light fixtures in your home!
Increase the value of your home
Not many people realize that the lighting in their home can add value. That being said, having the right lighting increases your home’s value for today and well into the future. Many homes today have a rustic, vintage feel coupled with a modern home design. We have a variety of these types of fixtures available in our store.

Upgrade your home’s look and feel
Spring is the perfect time to give your home a fresh new look. If you have wanted to change your lighting since the day you moved into your home, Spring is the time to do it! We have great solutions at Rare Finds Warehouse to get you started with a new look for your home.

Upgrade dated lighting
Unless you bought your home in the last 5 years, the lighting might look generic and feel dated. Your home’s décor should reflect you and your design aesthetic. Having the look and feel of your personality throughout your home makes it a place you like to be. Lighting is one of the ways to bring that unique character into your space. It’s also the perfect area to start on that re-decorating project you’ve been putting off.