How to get your Entryway to make a Statement

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Great Entryway Decor Pieces to Add to Your Home

Ah yes, the beloved (or dreaded) entryway. It is the first thing people notice upon entering your home. Surprisingly, many homeowners overlook this important space. Your entryway is the welcome platform to your home. How do you want visitors to feel when you open the front door? The entryway is an opportunity for you to make your home feel the way you intended. Do you want your guests to feel comfortable? Welcome? Invited? Perhaps it’s a combination of any of these. If you are having a hard time visualizing the direction of your entryway, read our tips below and find out how you can make a statement in your entryway.

Console Tables

Console tables are a great compliment to any entryway. There are many shapes, sizes, styles and other features that make having a console table possible in any space. One great thing about a console table is you can decorate it in your personal style. Perhaps you have a vintage jug collection or rare photographs from a trip you took 10 years ago. This is a great way to showcase not only yourself but your most treasured items. No matter the size of your space, Rare Finds has a number of console tables and cabinet options to fit your style and space limits.

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Showcase a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are great because you don’t necessarily have to display images of your family. You can literally make a gallery wall out of anything. From old clocks to vintage picture frames, hanging shelves or even odd items like deer antlers. Make it even cozier by putting a bench in your entryway, or some tall plants. Rare Finds has some of the best knick-knacks to create a gallery wall in your entryway. Check out some of our best gallery wall finds.

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Dramatic Lighting

Nothing makes a statement like a beautiful chandelier in a cozy, warm space. You can do a ton with lighting. With so many options out there, it’s easy to find a piece that packs a punch. You can go for minimal or quaint, understated or bold. With the right style of lighting, you can make your style stand out. Rare Finds as an assortment of chandeliers that bring life and style to any space. Look at some of the things we have in stock at our warehouse.

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Crystal XL Wall Sconce

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