Tag: Accessories

Desk Black Metal Mesh Doors Desk

Metal Modern Desk 

This desk is perfect for your office or the living room.  There are drawers and shelves.  The black metal base gives it an industrial flair.  The natural wood top contrasts nicely.

Dresser Grey Sheesham Chest of Drawers

Natural Wood Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers dresser features 6 wide drawers.  Sheesham is Indian rosewood which features expressive wood grain.

Shelf Chimney Shelf with Glass Cabinet

Shelf with Drawer and Cabinet

This metal shelf features wood accents.  There are 2 open shelves, a center drawer and an upper cabinet.  Perfect in the bedroom, office or living room.

Wall Art 3D Metal Art VW Bus

Large Colorful 3D Metal Wall Art

This wall art image of a Volkswagon Bus and all the colors of the 70s is fun!  Add funk and hippie charm to your space.  Bring on the nostalgia!

Chest of Drawers Pointed Dresser

Tall Multi-Drawer Dresser

This chest of drawers dresser features 9 varied drawers.  The drawers get smaller from the bottom up.  The shape is a tall pyramid.

Console Reclaimed Wagon Wheel Console Table

Unique Cart Wheel Console Table

This console table is perfect for your entrance or the living room.  It features an old hefty wooden wheel suspended under a wooden table.

Metal Lotus Leaf Small Wall Art Copper

Decorative Wall Art

This leaf has a textured surface and painted details.  Perfect for adding a natural element to your wall.  Sturdy and hefty.

Skull XXL Silver Human Skull

Decorative Very Large Skull

This silver human skull is pretty eye-popping!  Lightweight though substantial in form.  Perfect for adding a lot of that skull energy!

Sofa Soft Leather Camel Couch

Elegant Golden Leather Sofa Couch

This leather sofa has a traditional classic flair.  It features 2 wide sections with soft pillow backs and sides.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Chest of Drawers Haxtun Black Metal Mesh Drawers Dresser

Wood Chest of Drawers with Wheels

This chest of drawers dresser features 6 metal drawers and a lower cabinet.  The frame is a natural wood with black metal mesh drawers.  The dresser adds an industrial vibe to your space.

Bench Colorful Reclaimed Wood Bulky Leg Bench

Modern Wood Bench

This all wood bench features colorful squares of reclaimed wood.  It’s perfect for the entrance, patio or mudroom.  Adds rustic charm to any space.

Chest of Drawers 6 Metal Drawers Dresser

Metal Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers dresser features 6 square drawers.  The wood on the sides gives it interest.  The metal dresser adds an industrial vibe to your space.

Cabinet Tall Cabinet with 2 Reclaimed Wood Doors

Colorful Reclaimed Wood Cabinet 

This tall cabinet has a modern rustic flair.  There are 2 tall doors with lots of color.  Perfect in the living room or bedroom.  Use it to store clothes or garage items.

Clock Round Traditionalist Wall Clock

Traditionalist Round Wall Clock

This large clock features a traditional face with arabic numerals.  Perfect in any room.  Has gears that move!

Wall Art Touring London 3D Metal Art

Double Decker Bus 3D Art

This wall art canvas image is realistic.  Painted on metal, the image is very reminiscent of London’s fog.  Perfect for adding industrial charm to your space!

Console Reclaimed Dark Wood Doors TV Entertainment Console Cabinet

Vintage TV Console Unit

This console is perfect for your TV or to display a great art piece.  It features 2 repurposed doors and 2 open shelves.  Perfect as a TV console.

Chaise Quilted Brown Leather Chaise Lounge

Elegant Brown Leather Chair

This leather chaise is compact and has a classic flair.  It features soft leather and a cozy shape.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Lamp Sea Shell Table Lamp

Decorative Table Lamp

This lamp features a fun and shapely sea shell base.  Add a seaside or ocean theme element simply with this lamp.  Perfect on a table or desk.  Great in any room.