Tag: Accessories

Candlestick 3-Candle Candle Holder

Metal and Stone Candleholder

This candle holder features a shapely metal frame with a solid polished stone base.  The three round candle platforms present at different heights.  A unique piece to add industrial charm to your space.

Table Round Crank Base Bistro Table

Wood and Iron Dining Table

This table features a round smooth wood top and a crank metal base.  The table top has a dark finish and cranks up to bar height.  Perfect for the dining room or as an occasional table.

Skull Buffalo Skull Art on a Stand

Small Scale Buffalo Skull 

This buffalo skull art on a stand offers up rustic charm.  Perfect for your office, living room or entrance.  Great for adding a western vibe.

Barstool Orange Leather Black Frame Stool

Leather and Metal Stool

This tall leather bar stool features a metal frame.  This bar stool adds color and fun to your space.  Perfect for the kitchen or as a side seat.

Hall Tree Juniper Natural Hanging Rack

Coat Rack Hall Tree

This beautiful wood trunk has been made into a hall tree.  Features railroad ties as hooks and has a solid wooden base.

Shelf Open Multi-tiered Shelf Unit

Multi-Tiered Open Shelf 

This shelf features different sized alternating open shelves.  Made from reclaimed wood, this shelf is colorful yet natural.  Perfect in the bedroom, office or living room.

Arm Chair Gerald Blue Dining Chair

Elegant Blue Microfiber Chair

This soft chair is perfect as a side chair or a dining chair.  It features a soft suede feel and decorative quilt lines.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Cabinet Industrial Chest of Drawers

Modern Industrial Cabinet Dresser

This metal cabinet features 3 large wooden drawers.  The glass door opens to 2 shelves.  Perfect in the bedroom, living room or office.  Has wheels.

Bench Reclaimed Wood Slats Bench with Back

Modern Wood Bench

This all wood bench features colorful reclaimed wood.  It’s perfect for the entrance, patio or mudroom.  Adds rustic charm to any space.

Trunk Reclaimed Wood Trunk Chest

Wooden Container Box Crate

This fun chest features colorful reclaimed wood.  Add rustic charm to any room.  Perfect for storage in any room.  Coloring is unique.

Model Plane Flying Circus Classic Airplane Model

Fun Aviation Model

This model airplane features a vibrant red color.  The craftsmanship and details make it quite nice.  Perfect for the airplane lover.  The propeller spins.

Candle Holder Carved Pillar Colorful Candlestand

Carved Wood Candleholder

This candlestick features repurposed carved wood.  Tall and majestic this candle holder adds olde world charm to your space.  A unique piece to add elegance and sophistication.  Each candle stand varies in color.

Sofa Valeria Yellow Leather Couch

Elegant Yellow Sofa Couch

This leather sofa has a traditional classic flair.  It features 3 sections with soft pillow backs.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Wall Art Full Steam Ahead II

Locomotive Train 3D Art

This wall art painting of a moving train is realistic.  The mixed media, like metal and paper bits give it artsy appeal.  Perfect for adding industrial charm to your space!

Console Carved Wood Console Table

Ornately Carved Console Table

This console table is perfect for your entrance or the living room.  It features ornately carved wood.  Ornately carved and colorful (have blue, red, green).

Arm Chair Zapata Burgundy Arm Chair

Elegant Maroon Arm Chair

This upholstered arm chair has a traditional classic flair.  It features a soft pillow back.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Cabinet Pitara Trunk Cabinet Sideboard

One of a Kind Cabinet

This old trunk was converted into a cabinet.  It is decorated with embossed sheets of metal.  Has a light green hue.  Perfect in the entrance, bedroom or living room.

Shelf Industrial Metal Tall Locker Shelf Cabinet

Multi-level Locker Shelf 

This cabinet has an industrial vibe.  There are 3 lockers, 2 drawers and 6 open shelves.  Perfect in the mudroom, bedroom or living room.

Desk Industrial Desk with Wood Top

Three Drawer Desk 

This desk is perfect for your office or the living room.  It features 3 industrial drawers and a metal frame.

Chest of Drawers Large Cabinet with Deep Drawers Dresser

Wooden Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers dresser features 8 deep drawers.  The trim around the doors is ornately carved wood.  Riveted metal accents throughout.