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The Pros and Cons of Buying Custom Furniture

pros and cons for custom furniture

The Benefits of Buying Customized Furniture

      • Maximum Customization is allowed with Custom-built Furniture.
          • Made-to-order furniture gives you design flexibility. You can design your furniture that is suitable for your home and space. Customized furniture allows you to suggest a carpenter variety of designs and materials. For example, if you have seen a rectangular dining table somewhere, you can ask to incorporate that design into your coffee table.
          • So how can you customize your furniture?
      • You can experiment with different designs, materials, and colors to create an entirely new set of furniture based on your preferences.
      • You can take assistance from a furniture expert and select suitable designs for your home.

Your design preferences can be accommodated with custom wood furniture. You’ll have complete control over the designs, materials, and colors of every piece of your furniture. On the other hand, prefabricated furniture may not meet your personal expectations. Prefabricated furniture may take up too much or too little space, while custom-built furniture is usually tailored to your specific needs.

1. More Sustainability, More Authenticity

People nowadays would rather have a custom-built set of furniture than one that has been prefabricated. Prefabricated furniture is known for its lower sustainability than its custom-built counterparts. Custom-built furniture’s long-term viability is a step ahead in bringing class and authenticity to your place.

The carpenters keep the environment in mind while making custom-built furniture for you. They create an exclusive set of furniture without hurting the environment. Highlands Ranch residents are known to go for the more progressive alternative to make the neighborhood a better place to live.

How custom-built furniture is sustainable?

      • You can incorporate recycled materials in your set of custom-built furniture. As a result, the custom wood furniture is eco-friendly.
      • Prefabricated furniture produces more wood and metal waste than custom-built furniture.
      • Custom-made furniture is designed to last more than 15 to 20 years with low to no upkeep.

2. An Economic and Time-saving Option

Custom-made furniture is not as expensive or time-consuming as you may believe. Prefabricated furniture neither saves time nor money, contrary to popular belief. Prefabricated furniture does typically cost more and takes longer to arrive. On the other hand, custom-made furniture is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for you.

How can custom-built furniture be economical and save time?

      • Custom-made furniture requires less wood and metals to build. Hence, it takes a lot shorter to make than a prefabricated one.
      • Custom-made furniture carpenters are usually highly motivated specialists. Hence, they typically deliver your set of furniture before time.

Custom-made furniture relieves you from the burden of following up on your products. You can tweak your designs and materials in between and still have your products delivered on time. Custom-built furniture can save you a considerable amount of maintenance money due to its durability. Highlands Ranch is becoming increasingly popular as a community to opt for custom-built furniture.

3. Custom-built Furniture is a Long-term Investment with Value

Custom-made furniture is constructed with materials of your choosing, making it of higher quality than the prefabricated ones. Custom-built furniture carries its own set of quality and durability standards. These custom-built pieces are not only long-lasting but also add value to your space.

Custom-made furniture can upscale the overall look of your home in the neighborhood. The look and feel of your home will enhance without spending a fortune on complete interior designs. Custom-made furniture is less challenging to construct than ready-made ones.

Let’s have a look at how custom-built furniture adds value to your home.

      • Custom-built furniture is the result of your choices and creative inputs. The set of furniture will be a symbol of your vision.
      • Each piece of custom-made furniture is built to be durable and go the extra year with you. Hence, it is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Custom Furniture

The Cons of Buying Customized Furniture

1. You Cannot Cancel Your Custom Orders Midway

The most important thing to keep in mind before ordering custom-made furniture is that you may not be able to cancel once the order is placed. A dedicated workforce is assigned to complete a custom-made set of furniture. So it requires planning and significant efforts to complete your dream furniture.

So what is the downside of canceling a custom order?

      • Custom orders are just like tailored dresses; they do not please or fit everyone.
      • Custom-made furniture is made to reflect your persona in your space. Hence, canceling a personalized order is a wastage of material, effort and time.
      • At times, showrooms may not have the space or the theme to showcase a canceled order.

Companies are usually concerned about their workforce being squandered off due to customization requests and labor. Hence, you should seek assistance from a furniture expert before placing your custom-made furniture order.

2.Risk of Damage and Maintenance

Custom-made furniture is usually made up of high-quality wood. Hence, it carries a significant risk of damage due to poor usage and low maintenance. Custom-made furniture should be well taken care of regularly.

What types of damages are we talking about?

      • Wood is vulnerable to water. Moisture can soak into the wood to swell it up.
      • Heat is another factor that can damage your custom-made furniture. Excess heat can expand the wood and cause it to crack.
      • UV rays from the sunlight can cause your custom-made furniture to change colors.

Maintaining your custom-made furniture can cost you more than a dime, for sure. Customized furniture is a long-term investment, after all. Not every artisan can restore your custom-made furniture to its gone glory. Hence, it is wise to request maintenance from the same company you acquired your furniture from.

What Do You Think of Purchasing Furniture from a Department Store Vs. a Furniture Store?

Department Store or Furniture Store

The attire you wear is an expression of your style and personality. And so is the furniture you place in your living room or bedroom. When you go furniture shopping, you have two options. It’s either to visit a department store or a furniture store.

This article will give you reasons why you should choose the latter.

What is a Department Store?

The large retail stores where different household /lifestyle items are sold are department stores. They are called ‘department’ stores because they sell items in various departments within the same building.

There are separate departments for handbags, kitchen appliances, kids’ wear, women’s apparel, etc.

Some famous department store brands can have their own line of products as well. Examples include the likes of Macy’s, Kohl’s, John Lewis, Zalando, and Otto.

Depending on the brands, they may or may not have a section for furniture. Department stores are popular for a reason. To summarize the reason for their popularity in one word, it’s – convenience. Why go somewhere else if you can get everything in one place?

Isn’t it? Not really.

When buying furniture, you are better off visiting a furniture store than a regular department store.

Here’s why:

Disadvantages of Buying Furniture from a Department Store

Department stores prevent you from hopping from one shop to another. But they do not offer unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Even though they sell an impressive range of products, they provide limited variety if you niche down to the furniture.

Leather Sofa

1. Lackluster Customer Service

Step foot into a department store in Denver, and you’ll find a large number of employees serving customers in different categories.

Due to a massive selection of product categories, it’s impossible to provide a personal touch in customer service. The retail industry, in general, has a high employee turnover at 60% in the United States.

There are various reasons behind it, including:

      • Little to no promotion opportunities
      • General disconnect with the vision of the department store brand
      • Peripatetic nature of the job; most employees view it as a temp job
      • Poor onboarding and longer shifts
      • Low pay (the average salary of a retail sales associate is $13.85 per hour in the US) to cut the cost of operations

All these factors contribute to lackluster customer service and a lack of motivation. The staff does not have the expertise to help you pick the right furniture piece that will suit your style.

2. Insufficient Variety

While department stores sell several product categories, you have limited options if you pick one type, i.e., furniture. People who want a unique furniture collection won’t find it in a department store.

A one-stop solution is not what they desire. They prefer hand-picked home furnishings that have a history behind them. Such variety is impossible to find in a department store. They feature mass-produced home furnishings.

Benefits of Buying from a Furniture Store

Most people aren’t hunting for home furnishings and lifestyle/household items on a single shopping trip. It makes sense to schedule a dedicated furniture store visit to find a piece you will cherish for years to come.

The advantages of purchasing from a furniture store as opposed to a department store are:

1. Personalized Customer Service

Unlike a department store, furniture store employees care about your personal preferences. They give you undivided attention.

Since a furniture store offers a single category of products, employees here have the chance to gain expertise. So, knowledgeable staff can assist you better than a department store employee.

2. Unique Home Furnishings

If you buy furniture from a department store, you’ll find cookie-cutter, mass-produced pieces. But if you want distinctive furniture, visiting a store like Rare Finds Warehouse in Denver is the way to go!

You’ll find seating, furniture, and tables hand-picked from Asia, North America, and Africa.

At Rare Finds Warehouse, you can buy:

      • vintage furniture
      • antique furniture
      • architectural salvage
      • one-of-a-kind items sources from Egypt, India, Thailand, and the United States.

There is no dearth of variety at Rare Finds Warehouse!

3. Customized Furniture Pieces

Imagine being a restaurant owner. For any restaurant (or bar), the ambiance is everything. The kind of furniture you select decides the vibe of the space. If you pick cookie-cutter furniture, your restaurant won’t set itself apart from competitors.

Thus, it would help if you had custom-built dinner tables, chairs, and other seating. Rare Finds Warehouse offers custom-built furniture. You can select the height of the tables, base, top, feature iron, wood, or steel as per your preference.

Moreover, trained professionals will help you make the right decision. Professionals at a department store can offer general guidance. But they cannot answer specific questions that need an in-depth understanding of design.

Key Takeaways

Here’s why you should pick a furniture store over a department store:

      • Get reclaimed home furnishings
      • Buy unique pieces that aren’t mass-produced
      • Enjoy personalized customer service
      • Get custom-build furniture tailored to your preferences

Cathedral Doors Chimney Cabinet

Chimney Cabinet with Cathedral Style Glass Doors

This cabinet features 2 glass doors.  A very beautiful cabinet with glass sides.  Display your treasures in this tall and narrow cabinet. Perfect for small spaces.  See more of our cabinets here.

Cabinet Cathedral Doors Upright Cabinet

Cabinet Cathedral Doors Upright Cabinet

Cathedral Style Door Chimney Cabinet

6 Bottle Cedar Wine Holder

Counter Wine Bottle Holder

This 6 bottle holder is made from a cedar trunk.  It makes your wine bottles handy for everyday use or at a party.  It’s also easily mobile. Check out other home accessories.

6 Bottle Cedar Wine Holder Denver Furniture Store

6 Bottle Cedar Wine Holder

Wooden Cannon with Metal Accents

Unique Wooden Cannon with Metal Accents

Wooden Cannon with Metal Accents
Wooden Cannon with Metal Accents

Decorative Cannon

This wooden reproduction cannon is sure to be a conversation starter.  Great in a mancave, garden or entrance.   The wheels give it great mobility.  And the metal accents give it charm. Here is another wooden cannon we have had in our store.

How to get your Entryway to make a Statement

Crystal XL Wall Sconce Denver Furniture Store

Great Entryway Decor Pieces to Add to Your Home

Ah yes, the beloved (or dreaded) entryway. It is the first thing people notice upon entering your home. Surprisingly, many homeowners overlook this important space. Your entryway is the welcome platform to your home. How do you want visitors to feel when you open the front door? The entryway is an opportunity for you to make your home feel the way you intended. Do you want your guests to feel comfortable? Welcome? Invited? Perhaps it’s a combination of any of these. If you are having a hard time visualizing the direction of your entryway, read our tips below and find out how you can make a statement in your entryway.

Console Tables

Console tables are a great compliment to any entryway. There are many shapes, sizes, styles and other features that make having a console table possible in any space. One great thing about a console table is you can decorate it in your personal style. Perhaps you have a vintage jug collection or rare photographs from a trip you took 10 years ago. This is a great way to showcase not only yourself but your most treasured items. No matter the size of your space, Rare Finds has a number of console tables and cabinet options to fit your style and space limits.

Ogden Sliding Door Sideboard Denver Furniture Store

Ogden Sliding Door Sideboard


Showcase a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are great because you don’t necessarily have to display images of your family. You can literally make a gallery wall out of anything. From old clocks to vintage picture frames, hanging shelves or even odd items like deer antlers. Make it even cozier by putting a bench in your entryway, or some tall plants. Rare Finds has some of the best knick-knacks to create a gallery wall in your entryway. Check out some of our best gallery wall finds.

3 Faces Gears Wall Accents Clock Denver Furniture Store

3 Faces Gears Wall Clock


Dramatic Lighting

Nothing makes a statement like a beautiful chandelier in a cozy, warm space. You can do a ton with lighting. With so many options out there, it’s easy to find a piece that packs a punch. You can go for minimal or quaint, understated or bold. With the right style of lighting, you can make your style stand out. Rare Finds as an assortment of chandeliers that bring life and style to any space. Look at some of the things we have in stock at our warehouse.

Crystal XL Wall Sconce Denver Furniture Store

Crystal XL Wall Sconce

We get new containers monthly and oftentimes, weekly! Call or stop into Rare Finds and find your rare and unique piece for your entryway.

Replica Jeep Grill with Headlights Accent Table

Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table with Lights Denver Furniture Store

Unique Home Accent Table Made from Replica Jeep Grill with Headlamps

This Jeep replica accent table features working Headlights!  It makes a great table or bar for your mancave or covered deck.
Inside the table is a shelf creating two storage levels for your items.

Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table Furniture Stores Denver

Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table


Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table with Lights Denver Furniture Store

Reclaimed Jeep Coffee Table with Lights

Decorating with Accents, without Overdoing it

Adding Accents to Your Home Decorations without Overdoing it

Your Denver CO home is the place to express yourself and your design aesthetic. That said, you want your home to reflect your own personal taste and style. The items you use to decorate your Denver CO home give it a feeling of personality, however, decorating with your favorite items can quickly turn into a cluttered mess. Without proper planning and vision, your décor can end up looking scattered, unkempt and disorganized.
To learn more about decorating your Denver CO home with accents, without over doing it, check out these simple tips.

Using Framed Prints or Posters

When considering artwork in a space, use prints that complement the color scheme of the room. If you have a fairly neutral palette, you can go bold, bringing more color into the room. Already have bold furnishings or bold colors? Lighten up your walls to create the feeling of more space. You can do this using more neutral tones or black and white prints. Rare Finds has a number of different accent prints and posters to decorate your space. Many of them are one of a kind. Check out some of our wall art accessories here.

Framed Artwork of World Map in Glass Case

Wall Art Framed World Map Behind Glass

Decorating with Knick-Knacks

The best advice we have here is, less is more. Better yet, stick with using smaller items that reflect the overall look and feel of the room. For example, if you have a rustic hallway table, pair it with a small stack of vintage books, a similar table lamp, and maybe some candle holders or a decorative statue. It doesn’t take much to liven up a space, but overdoing it on the small accessories will give you a feeling of cluttered and crowded very quickly. If you have been to our warehouse, you know we have many items that will reflect your style and taste if you need to liven it up or redecorate. Check some of our items out here: https://rare-finds.com/product-category/accessories/

Accent Furniture Table
Mixing Patterns and Solids

Accents in a room have a big impact. When you are thinking about the overall feel you want to create, it’s good to have items that stand out and create balance, rather than chaos. Using small items that are the same color or shades of the same color, can help tie the room together visually.

Wall Decor Home Furniture Accessories