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Reclaimed Rustic Frames As Mirrors

Repurposed Window Mirrors

Beautiful Is The Frame And The Beholder

Decorating with Reclaimed Windows Adds Farmhouse Charm

Reclaimed windows are window panels salvaged from an old house or a church or even a barn.  Those panels become frames that can be converted into mirrors.  Accenting a space on your wall with a repurposed mirror is a perfect way to add color, shape, texture and fun!  Mirrors can go anywhere to add light and dimension.  You’ll find a nice variety of rustic reclaimed mirrors and decor when you visit Denver furniture store, Rare Finds Warehouse.

The Frame is What Makes the Mirror

Clever repurposing of old windows, wooden vents, custom design attic or decorative windows is a wonderful way to add beauty and rustic decor to your wall.  When you take something unique and make a mirror out of it, it makes the perfect conversation piece.  Our repurposed frames are the genuine article, unlike the store-made rustic items you find at the box stores.  We carry all kinds of reclaimed mirrors at Rare Finds.

The Essence of Rustic and Repurposed is Uniqueness

Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of different shapes and size mirrors.  The colors are always unique and give the reclaimed windows their charm.  When you need a mirror in a bedroom or the entry or a hallway, a repurposed mirror is sure to add that element of rustic decor that brings to life a bit of farmhouse style.  Add an touch of old world charm and country flair to your room with any of the pieces that Rare Finds offers.


Industrial Pieces Add The Metal Element

metal bike

Get a Bolder Look When You Add Industrial Elements

Decorating with metal furniture or accents brings weight to the space

When you decorate with metal, you add the opposite of the warmth and brightness that wood can bring.  It balances out wood’s qualities by adding a cool and dark material.  Where wood can offer a feminine feel, metal surely offers a masculine touch.  And where wood has been used for centuries to make a variety of furniture, when you see a metal piece of furniture, you are reflecting a modern flair.  You’ll find a nice variety of industrial elements as metal furniture and decor when you visit Denver furniture store, Rare Finds Warehouse.

Industrial Lights

Metal accents make an impression

Whether it’s a light or a mirror or a bucket, adding a metal element to your room brings with it a show of strength.  When we see a metal object, we believe it’s strong and heavy duty.  We believe that it’s going to last because it’s not delicate.  We trust that something industrial is worth its price.  The contrast of combining metal with wood or stone breaks up the monotony of the material and adds a unique texture and feel that betters the piece.  We carry all kinds of mixed material items at Rare Finds.

Art, Lighting, Mirrors, Sideboard Cabinets and Trinkets

Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of different metal and industrial pieces.  You can find table lamps and hanging lights and reclaimed ship lights with grate covers.  There are 3D art images in the theme of industrial trains and cars.  There are sideboards and tv consoles and wine bars made to look like a VW bus or a ship’s hull.  And accessories galore from antique padlocks, buckets big and small, market bins with lids, shelf racks with big wheels and crank tables and stools.  Add an touch of industrial flair to your room with any of the pieces that Rare Finds offers.

Carved Wooden Molds Make Great Decor

floral mold

Carved Molds Are Beautiful Pieces of Art

Not only can you enjoy the end result, but you can also enjoy the cast itself

Carved wooden molds have been used to cast all kinds of products.  From cake molds, to brick molds, to structural pillar forms and frescoes, to business name plaques.  These days, what used to be hand-carved from all sizes of wood is now usually carved out by a laser.  So when you see an old wooden mold, that’s how you know that the artistry was superior, and that the mold is in itself a piece of art.  You’ll find a nice variety of hand-carved wooden molds as art when you visit Denver’s furniture store, Rare Finds Warehouse.

Pillar Mold

Carved molds make great figurine or wall art

You can find carved molds set on metal stands or ready to hang on your wall when you come into Rare Finds.  Some are intricately carved geometric patterns while others are repeating patterns and others are recognizable shapes.  You can find floral designs, sun designs, pillar designs, and because these are from India, you can find Hindu god and goddess images, such as Krishna and Ganesh.  They are all part of the unique lines of art that we carry at Rare Finds.

Because they’re art, they’re unique

Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of different types of unique art pieces, least of which are the carved pieces of wood that were made to be molds.  Their unique charm is what makes these natural pieces fit right in with any kind of decor, whether, rustic, industrial, modern or farmhouse.  They are timeless pieces of interest that add texture and weight to your table or your wall.  Bring on a 3D dimensional expression into your space by choosing a carved element from Rare Finds.

Doors Let Us In and Out, Even When They’re Wall Art!

XL Set of Drs

Wall Art Doors and Windows Are The Portals of Reality and Of Our Minds

Decorating with a door or a window wall art makes a space feel larger

Behind a closed door is the mystery of another space.  Doors come in all shapes and sizes and are made of a wide range of materials.  Doors as wall art have become popular not only for their decorative elements but because of the implications of the scene that used to live beyond them.  When you display a door, the type of door and its characteristics portray a mood, a vibe, an energy of what used to be and it evokes a response from anyone who happens upon it.  You’ll find a nice variety of doors and windows when you visit Denver furniture store, Rare Finds Warehouse.

unique architectural salvage doors at denver furniture store denver furniture store with unique home decor large architectural salve window with bars and wood shutters to open and close

Architectural Salvage is pretty cool

An old wooden door is very different than an old metal door.  When we see metal doors, we get a gothic feel and think of castles and large buildings.  Carved wooden doors evoke a more lavish and quaint setting.  Gates and windows tell a story too of the inner and outer worlds in front of them and behind.  Carved elements and metal accents on doors are what make them unique and pieces of art.  We carry all kinds of doors, windows, gates and architectural salvage at Rare Finds.

Arches, Squares, Rectangles, Bars and Carvings

Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of different architectural salvage.  You can make the pieces utilitarian and actually incorporate them into your build or they can be veneers and wall art.  Add texture and color and insinuations of other worlds when you hang an old door or window or set of gates.  The possibilities for artistic expression are endless.  Add an touch of old world flair to your room with any of the pieces that Rare Finds offers.

Architectural Salvage Doors architectural salvage wood doors with ornate carvings architectural salvage arch door

Let Animal Art Bring the Outdoors Inside!

duck metal art

Animal Art is a beautiful way to express your love of nature!

At Rare Finds, you’ll find a selection of products with an animal flair

When you’re on the prowl for something wild, animals usually fit the bill.  You can hang a painting or a photograph of an animal or plug in a lamp in the shape of an animal.  Animals are made into carved or playful statues.  No matter, the animal art adds a natural charm that only animals can bring.  Make every room feature the beauty of your favorite animals, whether water or land animals.  Every room’s energy is made more distinct by the art it contains.  We have a unique assortment that’s sure to please everyone at the front range’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

Animal art comes in a variety of materials and shapes!

Animal art can be a real animal hide or a ceramic figurine or a photo or a statue.  At Rare Finds we have an eclectic collection of animal pride.  Reclaimed metal statues and carved wood on a stand and brushed metal canvases with a pugs face are the kind of pieces you can see at our store.  We even have layered printed paper art with horseback riders, and buffalo, cow, fox and orangutan portraits!  You can even find a phone purse with elephants on it as well as an airplane with a mean hawk face.

Statue Animal Art allows you to pick your totem

Bring animals into your home, both big and small, domesticated and extinct.  Add wood, glass, metal, ceramic, and canvas to your space with fun and unique animal art.  From simple and caricature styling to molded casting to make it super detailed to elaborate carvings that bring a scene to life, Rare Finds has a great selection.

Cat metal art Carved Horse Animal art