Category: Home Accessories

Wall Art Horses Black and White Framed Photograph Wall Art

Framed Photo Wall Art

This wall art photo is of a black and a white horse cuddling faces.  The black and white image portrays a sweet and peaceful scene.

Clock Bike Wheel Wall Clock

Metal Wall Clock

This round clock features arabic numerals.  In the shape of a bicycle wheel.  Numbers vary in size.  Perfect in any room.

Mirror Brushed Golden Round Mirror

Muted Gold Mirror

Hang this mirror anywhere to add a touch of elegance.  The gold color is soft and muted.  Perfect for the entrance, hallway or bathroom.

Lamp Artsy Blue Glass Table Lamp

Decorative Table Lamp

This lamp features a modern look.  The frosted circles give this lamp an artsy appeal.  Perfect on a table or desk.  Great in any room.

Sink Vintage Blue Metal Tub Basin

Old Bath Basin Container

This enameled sink in table is unique.  Perfect for adding old world charm to your space.  Great for the yard and garden.

Vintage German Wood Snow Sled

Traditional Snow Sled

This snow sled features a flat sitting platform.  The craftsmanship and details make it quite nice.  Perfect for the little kid in you.

Clock Airplane Wings Wall Clock

Plane Wings Wall Clock

This clock features a traditional face with arabic numerals.  Looks like an airplane flying at you.  Perfect in any room.  Great for the plane enthusiast!

Window Vintage Carved Wooden Window Doors

Vintage Window Doors Wall Art

This wall art vintage carved window doors are unique and beautiful.  Add old world charm to your space.  Perfect for adding a window into any painting!

Mirror Fancy Carved Three Panel Mirror

Wood Frame Mirror

This mirror has a 3 arch panel wood frame.  Carved details give it interest.  It features a brown natural finish.

Lamp Green Mosaic Glass Tear Drop Table Lamp

Decorative Table Lamp

This lamp features a tear drop shape.  The glass mosaic makes it unique and beautiful.  Perfect on a table or desk.  Great in any room.

Pottery Large Turkish Pot Vase on Stand

Large Clay Pot from Turkey

This rugged vase has a shapely shape.  Elevated upright with a metal stand.  Perfect for dried arrangements, or as decor in your space.

Wall Art Contemporary Abstract Painting

Modern Wall Art

This painting brings the shapism of abstract art alive in your space.  It features gold and silver leaf on top of a cool palate of colors.  Perfect for the den or living room.

Clock Stopwatch Wall Clock with Moving Gears

Modern Round Wall Clock

This clock features a traditional face with roman numerals.  Looks like a pocket watch.  Perfect in any room.  Has gears that move!

Cannon Vintage Wood Cannon with Metal Accents

Decorative Cannon Replica

This amazing wood statue is of a war cannon.  It features working wheels and metal accents.  A real conversation piece in any room.

Glass Art Photo Serenity’s Pass Glass Wall Art

Photo Glass Wall Art

Deep rich colors of a forest lake scene.  This picture brings the outdoors to life in your room.  Perfect for the den or living room.

Doors Green Architectural Doors with Bars

Antique Gate Doors

This old set of doors has a green finish.  Use it as a real door or hang it on the wall as art.  Break it up and use them as sliding doors.

Sculpture Metal Lotus Leaves On Stand

Full Size Lotus Leaves

This metal art on a stand features 5 life-size lotus leaves.  Perfect for anywhere you want to add a touch of natural elegance.  Good in the garden as well.

Wall Art 3D Metal Art VW Bus

Large Colorful 3D Metal Wall Art

This wall art image of a Volkswagon Bus and all the colors of the 70s is fun!  Add funk and hippie charm to your space.  Bring on the nostalgia!