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Let Animal Art Bring the Outdoors Inside!

duck metal art

Animal Art is a beautiful way to express your love of nature!

At Rare Finds, you’ll find a selection of products with an animal flair

When you’re on the prowl for something wild, animals usually fit the bill.  You can hang a painting or a photograph of an animal or plug in a lamp in the shape of an animal.  Animals are made into carved or playful statues.  No matter, the animal art adds a natural charm that only animals can bring.  Make every room feature the beauty of your favorite animals, whether water or land animals.  Every room’s energy is made more distinct by the art it contains.  We have a unique assortment that’s sure to please everyone at the front range’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

Animal art comes in a variety of materials and shapes!

Animal art can be a real animal hide or a ceramic figurine or a photo or a statue.  At Rare Finds we have an eclectic collection of animal pride.  Reclaimed metal statues and carved wood on a stand and brushed metal canvases with a pugs face are the kind of pieces you can see at our store.  We even have layered printed paper art with horseback riders, and buffalo, cow, fox and orangutan portraits!  You can even find a phone purse with elephants on it as well as an airplane with a mean hawk face.

Statue Animal Art allows you to pick your totem

Bring animals into your home, both big and small, domesticated and extinct.  Add wood, glass, metal, ceramic, and canvas to your space with fun and unique animal art.  From simple and caricature styling to molded casting to make it super detailed to elaborate carvings that bring a scene to life, Rare Finds has a great selection.

Cat metal art Carved Horse Animal art


Home Décor Tips for Fall (Updated) – Denver Furniture Store – Rare Finds Warehouse

Tips for Decorating Your Home This Fall

It’s finally September. Kids are back in school and many of us look forward to cooler weather. Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone? To get in the spirit of fall, consider a few simple additions to your home’s décor. Read on to learn our Décor Tips for Fall and how to decorate your home for the upcoming season!

Fall wreaths

Wreaths make a great statement about the season, whether they’re hung on your front door or someplace inside your home. Fall wreaths typically include a combination of leaves and/or flowers in shades of orange and red, plus pinecones, mini pumpkins, and burlap.
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Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

The addition of traditional orange pumpkins is one of the easiest ways to help your home feel more like fall. If orange isn’t quite your style, a variety of pumpkins and gourds come in non-traditional colors such as white, yellow, pale green, and dark green. Look for gourds in grocery stores, farmers markets, and roadside stands.

Fall foliage

One of our favorite things about fall is the changing colors of the leaves. Leaves can be incorporated vertically in floral arrangements and horizontally in table centerpieces. Other popular elements bring in corn stalks and wheat to share the feeling of the fall harvest.

Fall scents

The things that remind us of fall aren’t limited to what our eyes see. Scents such as apple and pumpkin spice—made up of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves— are powerful triggers for memories and can set the tone for fall in your home. A variety of candles offer fall scents, or you can make your own!
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Great fall décor often pairs wonderfully with rustic and vintage pieces. If you’re looking for great accessories to fit with your fall décor, come check out the selections at Rare Finds Warehouse. We have many pieces in store our that will fit with your home style. Hope to see you all soon!

Mirror XL Carved Ornate Dark Wooden Mirror

Heavy Wood Mirror

Hang this mirror anywhere to add a touch of gothic charm.  The dark color and the ornate 3D carvings add unique elegance.  Perfect for the entrance, hallway or bedroom.

Cabinet Prayer Offering Cabinet with Glass Doors

Wooden Cabinet with Drawer

This cabinet features art deco flair.  Perfect for your office or the living room.  It features a small front drawer and two glass doors.  An instant shrine.  Prayer Cabinet.

Ottoman Brown Leather Foot Stool

Round Quilted Leather Ottoman

This ottoman is perfect to complement any chair.  The quilted leather gives it added charm.  Perfect in any room.  Great as a side seat.

Bald Eagle Metal Wall Art

Beautiful Bald Eagle Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art

This picture brings the bald eagle to life.  A great piece of art for the lover of the patriotic bird.  Perfect to add fun and inspiration to any room. You can purchase this beautiful art piece here.

Shelf Sorting Bins Wooden Shelf Unit

Wood Sorting Shelf 

This open shelf has vintage rustic charm.  The shelf features over 60 cubbies.  Perfect in the mudroom, kitchen or art room.

End Table Slatted Reclaimed Wood with Metal Trim Plant Stand

Wood and Iron Side Table

Contrasting colorful wood and black metal make this piece fun.  Features slatted wood all around.  Perfect in any room for a plant or a piece of art.

Mirror Octagonal Silver Mirror

Elegant Metal Mirror

This round mirror features a 3D frame.  The octagonal shape adds elegance to any space.   Perfect in a bathroom or mancave, hallway or entrance.

Lamp Orange Grass Table Lamp

Decorative Table Lamp

This lamp features a modern look.  The orange color brightens up any space.  Perfect on a table or desk.  Great in any room.

Vase Glass Vase with Black Streaks

Clear Glass Vase with Black Accents

Add a splash of black and white charm to your space with this heavy vase.  Uniquely blown glass container.  Has a large bottleneck design.  Perfect for dried flowers too.

Mirror Heavy Metal Gas Can Mirror

Heavy Metal Frame Mirror

Hang this gas can replica mirror anywhere to add vintage industrial charm.  Perfect for the mechanic or car lover.  Great in the mancave!

Planter Large Iron Planter with Feet

Planter Large Iron Planter with Feet

Metal Tub Potter with Feet

A huge pot for your indoor or outdoor space.  A great accent piece.  Use it as a plant container or a decorative pot.  Has industrial appeal.

Mirror Round Fancy Bejeweled Paisley Mirror

Fancy Round Mirror

This decorated mirror adds fun and color to your space.  The paisley shape is gold and jeweled.  Perfect for the room with lots of shiny charm.

End Table Oval Cutout Round Metal Side Table

Industrial Side Table or Stool

This side table has a rustic industrial appeal.  The matte brown metal and oval cutout make this piece stylish.  Perfect as a stand as well.

Wall Art Lady in Dress Metal Art

Metal Wall Art

This picture brings the debutante beauty to life.  A great piece of art for the lover of the feminine flair.  Perfect to add fun and inspiration to any room.

Loveseat Kantha Fabric Sofa Couch

Soft Foam Indian Loveseat

This loveseat sofa is roomy and very unique.  It features soft Kantha cotton fabric and foam cushions.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Hanging Lamp Mosaic Round Colorful Light

Round Pendant Light

Perfect for your kitchen, hallway or bath.  Great as a solitary light or in multiples.  Adds industrial charm to your space.  Each mosaic lamp is different in pattern and colors.

Hanging Lamp Mosaic Egg Shaped Light

Oval Pendant Light

Perfect for your kitchen, hallway or bath.  Great as a solitary light or in multiples.  Adds colorful charm to your space.  Each mosaic lamp is different in pattern and colors.