Tag: Home Decorating

Sofa Black Leather Lazio Sofa

Elegant Leather Sofa Couch

This black leather sofa has a traditional classic flair.  It features 3 sections for the backs and seats.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Mirror Heavy Metal Gas Can Mirror

Heavy Metal Frame Mirror

Hang this gas can replica mirror anywhere to add vintage industrial charm.  Perfect for the mechanic or car lover.  Great in the mancave!

Planter Large Iron Planter with Feet

Metal Tub Potter with Feet

A huge pot for your indoor or outdoor space.  A great accent piece.  Use it as a plant container or a decorative pot.  Has industrial appeal.

Bench Long Natural Wood Slatted Bench

Wood Bench

This wood bench features slatted wood and a plain rustic finish.  It’s perfect for the entrance, patio or mudroom.  Adds beautiful old world charm to any space.

Plant Holder Ox Cart with Hanging Bucket

Brown Wooden Hanging Basket

Add stylish charm to your room with this basket.  Perfect in any space.  Great for decorative displays.  The stand is made from parts of an ox cart.

Shelf Hefty Boat Shelf

Wooden Boat Shelf

This fun shelf is in the shape of a canoe boat.  Perfect for your lake house or the fisherman in your life.  Perfect to add a water vibe to any space.

Mirror Round Fancy Bejeweled Paisley Mirror

Fancy Round Mirror

This decorated mirror adds fun and color to your space.  The paisley shape is gold and jeweled.  Perfect for the room with lots of shiny charm.

End Table Oval Cutout Round Metal Side Table

Industrial Side Table or Stool

This side table has a rustic industrial appeal.  The matte brown metal and oval cutout make this piece stylish.  Perfect as a stand as well.

Cabinet Large Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

Wood Cabinet with Multiple Doors

This cabinet has a farmhouse rustic flair.  If features 4 wooden doors and 2 center drawers.  Great anywhere you need good storage.

Arm Chair Burgundy Plush Arm Chair

Upholstered Side Chair

This reddish brown side chair has a modern flair.  It features short arms, a wide seat and wooden legs.  Perfect for your dining room or living room.

TV Console Wood Doors Industrial Console Unit

Rustic Industrial Console with Wheels

This console unit is perfect for your living room.  It features 2 open black metal shelves and 2 cabinet wooden doors.  Perfect as a TV console.

Wall Art Lady in Dress Metal Art

Metal Wall Art

This picture brings the debutante beauty to life.  A great piece of art for the lover of the feminine flair.  Perfect to add fun and inspiration to any room.

Loveseat Kantha Fabric Sofa Couch

Soft Foam Indian Loveseat

This loveseat sofa is roomy and very unique.  It features soft kantha cotton fabric and foam cushions.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Rocker Slatted Wood Rocking Chair

Wood Slats Rocker

This rocking chair features a curved slatted wood seat and back.  It’s perfect for the entrance or the patio.   Add a classic vintage look with this rocker.

Hanging Lamp Mosaic Round Colorful Light

Round Pendant Light

Perfect for your kitchen, hallway or bath.  Great as a solitary light or in multiples.  Adds industrial charm to your space.  Each mosaic lamp is different in pattern and colors.

Hanging Lamp Mosaic Egg Shaped Light

Oval Pendant Light

Perfect for your kitchen, hallway or bath.  Great as a solitary light or in multiples.  Adds colorful charm to your space.  Each mosaic lamp is different in pattern and colors.

Table Folding Dining Table

Wood and Iron Dining Table

This table features a wood top and metal base folding legs.  The table top is rich with wood grain.  Perfect for the dining room or as an occasional table.

Cart White Rustic Slatted Open Shelf Trolley

Wooden Open Shelf

This rustic shelf features an all wood structure.  There are 2 slatted shelves and large wheels.  Perfect in the kitchen, office or living room.

Mirror Oval Rope Mirror

Thick Rope Frame Mirror

Hang this mirror anywhere to add rugged sea faring charm.  Made from large caliber twine.  Instantly add mariner appeal to your wall.

Decor Leather Helmet A

Leather Riding Helmet

This helmet made of leather is handsome!  Add a bit of riding charm with this helmet replica.  Perfect for the motorcycle lover.