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Variety is the Spice of Life! Mirrors, Mirrors, On the Wall!

XL Door Stained Glass Mirror

Variety Mirrors are Ubiquitous at Rare Finds Warehouse!

You’ll Find a Variety of Mirrors from Bejeweled and Shiny to Carved and Reclaimed Styles

Variety mirrors make a room look bigger, they reflect the light and make a space brighter, they are always a focal point on a wall and they always make you look!  They can make your room feel rustic or modern, industrial or full of old world charm.  A little girl’s favorite mirror is very different than an old timer’s.  We have a unique assortment that’s sure to please everyone at the front range’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

XL Door Stained Glass MirrorFancy Bejeweled Round Mirror

Variety Carved Round and Oval Metal MirrorsVariety Mirrors

The best mirrors are mirrors with purpose!

At Rare Finds we have mirrors that have been made from reclaimed and repurposed items like old doors and windows and cabinets.  One of the coolest features that a mirror can have is that it can be made with a purpose other than just being a simple mirror.  Choose from a candle-holder mirror, or an entry table mirror, or a clock mirror!  Carved, reclaimed, colorful, or rustic woods make a unique statement.  Metal and metallic looks do too!

Carved Arches Blue Wood Mirror

Old Door with Mirror and Candleholder CorbelCabinet with Mirror Entry TableOld Windows MirrorXL Round Mirror Clock

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes

Square, round, carved in beautiful shapes and angles, oval, rectangular and sometimes combinations of these.  Rare Finds carries a wide assortment of these reflective surfaces for any room.  When you add mirrors to the bathroom or the entry or the bedroom or even the garage, you’re adding style, design, color, texture as well as utility.  Mirrors add dimension and light like nothing else can.

Square and Round Carved Mirror

Square Wood Metal Mirror

Wood Pieces Square and Round Mirror

Silver Layered Squares Mirror

See Our Sideboard Cabinets Ranging From Farmhouse To Modern Industrial

Sideboard Cabinet Large Detail

Practicality Marries Rustic Urban Charm

Wood and Metal Sideboard Cabinets That Anchor Your Space

Rare Finds Warehouse carries one of the most unique assortments of cabinetry in all of Colorado.  Our stock includes large multi-doored cabinets to smaller 2-door sideboards.  We feature a large variety of sideboards made from the most popular mixed materials like wood, metal, reclaimed shutters, repurposed old doors, carved elements, cast iron accents and glass doors.

Sideboard Cabinet Large DetailSideboard Cabinet Metal and Wood Detail Repurposed

Architectural Salvage Sideboard Cabinet Carved Drawer and Door

A Rustic Vibe Comes from Wood and Your Paint Finish

Get the rustic look either through a style of paint finish, or by employing reclaimed wood or repurposed architectural salvage.  The farmhouse look is made through the choice of materials and the style of the architecture.  The rustic charm that these sideboard cabinets have is achieved by using glass, rustic paint finish and old shutters.

Architectural Salvage Farmhouse Style CabinetSideboard Cabinet Glass Doors with DrawersUnique Repurposed Wood Sideboard Cabinet Shutter Doors and Drawers

Get More Customized Storage in Sideboard Cabinets with Drawers and Cubbies

We have many cabinets that also offer mixed storage options as well. Ranging from doors, to drawers to cubbies and open shelves.   We have sideboards that feature wine bars with glass and bottle holders.

Sideboard Cabinet Reclaimed Wood Drawers and Wine Bar

The Industrial Vibe Comes from Sideboard Cabinets with Metal Components

The industrial look is made complete whenever you add metal elements such as doors, drawers and accents.   Even repurposed metal cans make a piece unique and fun!

Sideboard Cabinet Black Metal Sliding DoorsSideboard Cabinet Black MetalModern Dresser with Farm style Sliding doors and pullout drawersSideboard Repurposed Metal Cans Cabinet

There’s nothing like sideboard cabinets with carved wood

Carved cabinets are the most unique because every version is hand-carved making each piece a one-of-a-kind.  These artisans will carve the doors and the drawers and the trim to make each facade stunning.

Sideboard Cabinet Carved Natural DrawersArchitectural Salvage Sideboard Cabinet Blue CarvedSideboard Cabinet Carved Four Doors

These Exotic Wood Dining Tables Will Make Any Room Pop!

Add Unique Charm With These Wood Dining Tables

Wood Dining Room Tables That Make An Impression

From Costa Rica, Thailand and India, these beautiful woods have been cut to make exciting wood dining room tables.   Guanacaste wood, acacia wood, rose wood, mango wood, monkey wood and even colorful reclaimed wood are the variety you’ll find when you visit Denver’s Rare Finds Warehouse.

Guanacaste Wood Table One live edge table at Rare Finds Warehouse in Denver, CO

Pick from live edge, round, oval, square and rectangular

Tables come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to pick the style that adds the most functionality to your space.  We carry thick and shapely wood dining tables with refined edges or natural live edges.  Some pieces have natural holes while others have been filled in.  We carry bistro tables as well as long conference style tables.

Round Live Edge Table with wood legs oval wood table with steel legs long live edge table with natural holes and iron u-shape base architectural salvage table and bench seating

And choose from a variety of table bases

Rare Finds carries a large assortment of cast iron table bases to go with your table.  When possible, you can even swap a base from one table to another.  The base adds an extra design element to a table.  From four legs to pedestal bases to heavy duty cranks to refined shapely metal bases, Rare Finds offers a unique variety.  The solid wood ends, such as the waterfall style, add farmhouse elegance.

live edge dinning table with old iron frame  oversized wood dining table Oversized live edge table natural wood live edge dinning table with leather chairs large dining table with steel x-frame for base Monkey Wood Live Edge Table with solid wood base

Military Green Vintage Lockers

Vintage Industrial 6 Bin Lockers

These vintage lockers are perfect for employees or your kids.  Organize and compartmentalize each person’s stuff.  Industrial 6-door cabinet. For other cabinets check out this page.

Military Green Vintage Lockers Denver Furniture Store

Military Green Vintage Lockers

Chair Butterfly Leather Chair Brown

Leather on Metal Frame

This comfortable chair adds casual sophistication to your space.   Perfect as an occasional chair or side chair.  Great for your bedroom or living room.

Mirror XL Carved Ornate Dark Wooden Mirror

Heavy Wood Mirror

Hang this mirror anywhere to add a touch of gothic charm.  The dark color and the ornate 3D carvings add unique elegance.  Perfect for the entrance, hallway or bedroom.

Bar Wooden Carved Architectural Salvage Standing Bar

Repurposed Wine Bar

This bar features repurposed architectural salvage.  Shelves and carved elements make this bar functional and beautiful.  Perfect anywhere.  One of a kind.

Sideboard Repurposed Metal Cans Cabinet

Sideboard Repurposed Metal Cans Cabinet

Wooden Sideboard with Metal Drawers

This sideboard features reclaimed wood and paint can metal.  It has 3 drawers and 3 doors.  Perfect in the dining room or living room.  The colorful reclaimed wood makes it unique.

Cabinet Prayer Offering Cabinet with Glass Doors

Wooden Cabinet with Drawer

This cabinet features art deco flair.  Perfect for your office or the living room.  It features a small front drawer and two glass doors.  An instant shrine.  Prayer Cabinet.

Dining Chair Desk Chair Leather Chair

Modern Dining Chair

This upholstered side chair has a very modern flair.  It features leather on four wooden legs.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Bar Blue VW Bus Front Wine Bar with Counter

Metal Bar Cabinet

This bar has industrial charm.  It’s got a blue and white frame and a wooden top.  It features open shelves, bottle racks in the back and a VW emblem and lights that shine.

Ottoman Brown Leather Foot Stool

Round Quilted Leather Ottoman

This ottoman is perfect to complement any chair.  The quilted leather gives it added charm.  Perfect in any room.  Great as a side seat.

Unique Dresser with Six Gray Drawer Fronts

Natural Wood Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers dresser features six wide drawers.  The natural wood contrasts the gray carved drawer fronts.  Perfect in the bedroom.

End Table Wood Stump Side Table Stool

Wood Stump Side Table

This stump table features an hourglass shape.  Made from an acacia tree trunk.  Perfect as a lamp stand or for a piece of art or a vase or as a stool.

Bald Eagle Metal Wall Art

Beautiful Bald Eagle Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art

This picture brings the bald eagle to life.  A great piece of art for the lover of the patriotic bird.  Perfect to add fun and inspiration to any room. You can purchase this beautiful art piece here.

End Table Round Clock Face Side Table

Side Table with Pipe Base

This side table features the time on a round clock face.  The black metal base contrasts nicely.  Perfect as an occasional table.  10:04

Sofa Anzio Light Taupe Leather Couch Sofa

Elegant Off-White Sofa Couch

This leather sofa is roomy and has a classic flair.  It features soft leather and cushioned arms.  Perfect for your office or living room.

Shelf Sorting Bins Wooden Shelf Unit

Wood Sorting Shelf 

This open shelf has vintage rustic charm.  The shelf features over 60 cubbies.  Perfect in the mudroom, kitchen or art room.

Dining Table Crank Base and Live Edge Top Dining Table

Dining Table with industrial iron Crank Base

Wood and Iron Dining Table

This table features a black cast iron crank base.  The tabletop is a bright and smooth live edge slabPerfect for the dining room or as a desk.

Wall Art Framed Reclaimed Brick Molds

Vintage Wooden Wall Art

This wall art vintage carved brick molds is unique and beautiful.  Add old world charm to your space.  Perfect in any room!